Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum Package

I have lived in Florida my whole life, and while I’ve been blessed to do quite a bit of traveling, I’m always grateful to return home. I hear people complain about the bad drivers, the scary hurricanes, and the lack of fashion. But you know what…most of those bad drivers are tourists, a medium-sized hurricane makes for a fun sized party, and I’d like to see you wear the latest leather trend in 90% humidity.

Now and again I get a little stir crazy and start to think I’d be better off somewhere else. But then something amazing happens: Winter. This phenomenon you northern folks call January snaps me out of my funk every year. And in honor of you (as I write this it’s below freezing as far south as Georgia) I offer a small solution to your woes. What if you didn’t have to go down to the icy basement to get your vacuum? What if you could turn your central vacuum unit on from the warmth of your living room? What if you never again had to run out to your detached garage in six feet of snow to find your vacuum hose?

A Hide-A-Hose central vacuum allows for the vacuum hose to retract back into the wall after use. Each outlet has a hose stored in the wall that can be pulled out to clean your home. The vacuum can be activated at the outlet or even from the handle in some models.

At CentralVacuumStores.com we offer full Hide-A-Hose packages or separate hose kits to retrofit your current unit. If you’re in the process of new construction or just looking to update your current central vacuum unit, the Hide-A-Hose will change the way you clean your home. So convenient and efficient, it’s the perfect solution no matter what part of the world you’re in!

Any thoughts?

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