Central Vacuum Systems & Your Pet

I grew up in a house with several very simple rules. Love your family, behave your parents, play sports, work hard for things you want, and don’t ever ask about getting a dog. None of these rules really bothered me as I saw the value in each. I did love my family, there was punishment involved in disobedience, fitness was important to us, good work-ethic is key, and dad hates dogs. What’s not to understand?

As an adult, however, those original house rules become blurred, or at least they did for my brother. Three years ago he decided it was about time our father experienced some personal growth and managed to coax me into chipping in on a Dapple Dachshund puppy. We knew the risks, but we agreed it was going to be a wonderful companion for dad. It was time to see what this “man’s best friend” thing was all about and Christmas proved to be the perfect opportunity. We were (eventually) right. Sure, it took several weeks and a few curse words to come to an agreement. And yes, that Christmas morning was ruined by not-so-empty threats of a trip to the pound. But those are distant memories now and that dog is the one making the rules in our family.

Central Vacuum Pet Care
Gunner Clark: The Unwanted Hero

I know many of you understand this amazing love that comes with owning a pet. They spread a new joy into a family. That unconditional affection is hard to ignore and our pets become part of what makes our house a home. Caring for them is a top priority for any true animal lover. And at Central Vacuum Stores, we’ve collected a variety of products to do just that!

A central vacuum unit is so highly recommended for pet owners for many reasons. First, because the vacuum unit is installed in an area away from the living space (like a garage or basement) the noise involved in your daily cleaning is minimal. We’ve all seen those poor pups who hide the moment the vacuum is taken out of the closet. A central vacuum allows stress-free cleaning for those sensitive ears. Take a look at our quietest central vacuum system. It even includes a muffler for sound suppression.

Second, the exceptional cleaning you experience with a central vacuum makes pet hair and dander a non-issue. Harmful allergens that can be so miserable for guests or even some family members are removed from your living areas and sent to a closed, sealed dirt canister. Additionally, the closed unit also eliminates those odors that often come with pets. A normal vacuum, which would exhaust as you are vacuuming about your home, cannot compete with a central vacuum’s powerful clean. Here are some fantastic central vacuum power units for pets. To learn about venting your central vacuum unit outside, eliminating even more dander and odor, click here.

Central Vacuum Stores Pet Kit
Central Vacuum Stores Pet Kit

Lastly, what makes a central vacuum unit so beneficial to pet owners are the many utility accessories you can add to your unit. Central Vacuum Stores has even assembled a Pet Kit just for that.

It includes the Sofa Tool which has two soft pads on the base. When attached to your central vacuum system they will work like a lint brush with suction power. The Pin Comb to help groom your pets with ease. The fingers or pins on the comb provide the pet with a massage while loose hair is being brushed and vacuumed away. The Turbo Hand Held Tool which has a spinning brush activated by the suction of your unit. This tool is great for cleaning your furniture, drapes, bed linens and small area rugs. And the Tornado Wipes which will clean your central vacuum tubing by removing dust and pet hair, and leave a fresh scent in your central vacuum canister.

Your pet gives you joy and love at every opportunity. Help treat it right with a quiet, efficient, and practical central vacuum system!

Pets and vacuums
No matter what kind of pet, Central Vacuum Stores has a solution!

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