Miele Vacuum Cleaner: Why Buy From Us?

Online shopping has become today’s norm. When we set out to make a purchase, especially for our home, it’s second nature to hop on a computer and start online. What do the reviews say? What’s important to other shoppers? How does this item compare to the next? It isn’t enough to just find a good deal anymore; we want to make an educated purchase. Today’s consumer is sharper, savvier, and smarter than ever.

Miele Canister Vacuum
Miele Canister Vacuum

So then, why on earth would you consider buying a Miele vacuum cleaner from Amazon.com?

Now, I’m not trying to get all snooty. A large online retailer like that has a lot to offer. But this isn’t just any product we’re talking about. Miele vacuum cleaners are some of the most elite vacuum products manufactured today. Imagine a Tour de France athlete buying a Trek bicycle from Wal-Mart or CoCo Chanel perusing for material at JoAnne Fabrics. This is the Mercedes-Benz of vacuums, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t shop for one of those on Amazon.

Miele Retailer
Choose a retailer you can trust!

At Central Vacuum Stores, we treat Miele products with the respect they deserve. Our employees have worked with every product in our showroom and even purchased Mieles for their own homes. Our sales staff attend Miele training to learn about new vacuum models and features, stay updated on current models, and communicate feedback we’ve received from our customers.

When you call with questions or send us an email, you’re not reaching a service. We have Miele specialists answering our phones from 9AM-9PM EST, Monday through Saturday. We read customer emails, one by one, and each one is personally answered by one of our sales consultants. These individuals are there to help you select the right vacuum for you home and our online PERSONAL SHOPPING GUIDE even allows you to compare the different models side-by-side.

Big-box retailers serve their purpose and I’m grateful for them. But let’s not mistake a “well-known URL” for quality customer service.

Unlike Amazon…

  • We offer FREE NEXT-DAY AIR SHIPPING on most of our Miele vacuums; no gimmicks, no membership enrollment
  • We’ll EMAIL YOU REMINDERS to change your Miele filtration bags
  • We provide FREE GIFT WRAPPING on request
  • FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT to all our customers
  • But above all, we are a MIELE DIAMOND DEALER, awarded for our exceptional customer service and superior sales.
Miele Diamond Dealer
Recognized by Miele as an exceptional retailer

When shopping for your Miele, don’t make the mistake of choosing a retailer who sells everything from sofas to diaper bags. Central Vacuum Stores is focused on providing you with the best Miele vacuum for your home. A family owned and operated business, we’ve been selling vacuum cleaners since 1948. Even though we’re a part of this modern, online world we earn our customers the old fashioned way…

Asking the right questions, providing knowledgeable advice, and following through with our exceptional service. Take a look at our full line of Miele products.

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