Central Vacuum Stores – A Business Dedicated to Recycling

When I was in third grade, my class did a week-long study on the solar system. This is common for most grade school children; you build a mobile, you watch a video of the Apollo landing, you giggle every time the teacher says the word Uranus; it’s almost a rite of passage. But I found myself awe-struck by this science. That Christmas Santa brought me a telescope and I spent the next several years staring through a six centimeter portal at objects 746 billion miles away stark with wonder.

I gained invaluable life lessons from those years. I understood from staring at desolate objects light-years from me how incredible, how absolutely marvelous, how unimaginably unique the Earth truly is. I learned that our planet is irreplaceable. And while the ten-year-old me would find it utterly defeating to learn she never stood a chance at being an astronaut (what with my chronic motion sickness and overall aversion to ill-fitting jumpsuits) I think she’d be happy to know I worked for a company who cares about the environment as much as she does.

Earth Day provides the perfect excuse to highlight one of the GREEN initiatives Central Vacuum Stores is taking. We’re determined to bring you quality products and world-class service, but we’re also focusing in on sustainable solutions.

Recycle Cardboard
Moving day? Nope, just our usual assortment of boxes!

As you can imagine, our warehouse crew sees A LOT of cardboard. Between receiving shipments from vendors and packaging products for customers, we could build the Taj Mahal out of boxes.

Towards the end of last year, Roger and Renee sought to make recycling a Central Vacuum Stores priority. They researched their options and invested in a cardboard compactor. Roger named it Dr. Crusher.

Dr. Crusher processes boxes, compacts them into tight, flat layers, and eventually forms a cube of cardboard. These cubes or pallets are collected weekly by a local recycling company for further processing. Where do they end up from there…another box, a trendy notebook, packaging material for your next purchase? The world is their oyster!

No matter your thoughts on the challenges our globe is facing, we can all benefit from a lesson in conservation. Recycling isn’t just part of the green movement, it’s a basic responsibility and it’s here to stay. Central Vacuum Stores encourages you to take this Earth Day and examine what you can do to conserve our natural resources. Dr. Crusher is doing his part.

Any thoughts?

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