Central Vacuum Stores Giveaway!

Everybody loves free stuff, right?

Let me break down the hierarchy of awesome for you.

  1. Winning – Whether it’s a Jeopardy question, an argument, or a Presidential election…winning is the best thing ever.
  2. Free Stuff – It’s not that you’re cheap, you just know a good value when you see it and there’s no better value than free.
  3. Finding Money – It may be your own twenty found in a jacket from last winter or a one dollar bill tumbling down the sidewalk on your way to work; either way it’s the most glorious piece of paper you’ve ever seen.

Now, I’m not able to follow each of you around all day and mysteriously place dollar bills in your paths, so just consider No. 3 off the table. But here’s what I can do for you: host a contest where you can win free stuff. Whabam: two out of three.

What’s The Scoop?

Central Vacuum Contest
A contestant’s entry of a Hawaiian escape!

Now through May 7th, Central Vacuum Stores is offering a free giveaway. The contest is simple…we want to hear about your favorite vacation. Tell us a story about your family’s travels or the perfect location you’re always dreaming about and you’ll be entered into the drawing. Even better, send along a vacation photo and we’ll give you a DOUBLE entry.

How Do I Enter?

It’s easy! Click on this LINK and you’ll be directed to our Facebook page (you must first be signed into your personal Facebook account.) Complete the basic entry form, upload a photo, and SUBMIT! Just like that, you’re on your way to winning!

So What Are The Goods?

I’m so glad you asked! Central Vacuum Stores will be giving away prizes from our Household Essentials line. Household Essentials feature wicker storage solutions, ironing boards and covers, travel accessories, and home organization tools. Their products offer innovative solutions to every home’s number one need: saving space! Don’t miss your chance! Enter today!

Travel Jewelry Roll
Travel Jewelry Roll perfect for your next vacation!
Household Essentials ML-5647 Seagrass Stair Basket With Handles
Household Essentials ML-5647 Seagrass Stair Basket With Handles

Any thoughts?

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