Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners – Too Good For Amazon (Part Two)

I know that I pretty much hammered the exceptional customer service Central Vacuum Stores offers in Part One of this series, but it turns out, enough can’t be said about it.

Recently, the web crew and I came across some conflicting information regarding a Miele vacuum canister. We found that some of our competitors were citing that the cord length was different from what we were informing our customers. Naturally, we were disappointed. How could we allow such a mistake?

Still shocked by this discrepancy and armed with a tape measure, we walked straight to the showroom and unboxed the Miele model. Four of us stood around, fidgeting with anxiety, as my co-workers stretched the canister across the room, pulling the cord to it’s last inch. With exhilarating relief the measurement was confirmed.

The Miele UniQ S8
The Miele UniQ S8

We were correct. Our competitors were wrong.

Here is why I tell you this story: This could have been you. You could have been on a giant, big-box retailer’s website and needed a question answered. You could have phoned the listed 1-800 number and maybe spoken with a human being. Would they even have the product in their midst? Would they care about providing inaccurate information? Would they really know anything at all about Miele vacuums or are they just answering phones in a call center?

Really…would Amazon have measured the cord for you?

Central Vacuum Stores strives to be your number one source for Miele vacuum cleaners.

And just in case you were wondering…the Miele S8 UniQ S8990 has a 33 foot cord. Trust me.

Miele Diamond Dealer
Central Vacuum Stores is an awarded Miele Diamond Dealer and certified by Miele for repairs & part sales.

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