Miele S6 Topaz – Too Good For Amazon (Part Three)

I had coffee with my mother yesterday morning and we chatted about her vacuum. This isn’t a marketing gimmick, this actually just happened.  We sat around my dining room table and talked about her current unit, her specific needs, and my recommendations for a new one. Even in my spare time, I’m talking vacuums.

This isn’t too shocking because I work in the vacuum industry. Before you sigh a petulant, “duh, Bonnie,” understand my point. If you’re shopping online for a vacuum and you are using a giant web retailer like Amazon, remember that they are not in the vacuum industry. They’re in the anything industry.

When you’re shopping on CentralVacuumStores.com or chatting with one of our reps at 1-800-221-8227, you’ll get the feeling that you’re working with a trusted friend. At Central Vacuum Stores we have been selling, repairing, and servicing vacuums since 1948. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced and ready to provide you with superior customer service. We quite literally think and talk about vacuums every day.

But which Miele would I recommend to my own mother? So glad you asked…

When advising my mom on selecting a new vacuum I took into consideration her specific needs. (If you want to have this same conversation, I suggest you phone our folks at 1800-221-8227 to compare your options or visit our Miele Personal Shopper page.) My mom’s new vacuum needed to address the following:

  • Some hard surface flooring in the living areas
  • Carpeted bedrooms and large, medium-pile area rugs
  • My father’s allergies
  • A skittish dachshund (see my recent blog featuring Gunner)
  • Delicate antiques that require both careful maneuvering around and tools to dust and clean them
  • Several upholstered furniture pieces that would need to be de-furred (again, Gunner)
  • An elderly live-in grandmother who insists on helping around the home

While this list looks demanding, I wasn’t discouraged. Miele answers all these needs in one neat little package!

2017 Update

Effective April 2017, Miele has decommissioned the Topaz model canister. For an option that is most similar to the Topaz, consider the Miele Complete C3 Kona. Like the Topaz, the Kona includes a hard-floor tool and an electric carpet brush. However, the Kona has some additional features that actually make it a better unit – like the on-board tool storage, the included HEPA filter, the foot operated settings controls, and the larger dust bag. For even more information, visit here.

Miele S6 Topaz S6270
The Miele S6 Topaz S6270

The Miele S6 Topaz S6270 is such a fabulous package because of all the included tools. First, the Topaz comes complete with the SBB300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Tool to clean any hard surface flooring in your home. But it doesn’t stop there. The S6270 also includes the SEB217-3 Electric Powerbrush making this a true double threat. The electric power brush is exactly what you need to powerfully clean even medium-pile carpeting and keep those fibers looking fresh and renewed.

The Miele S6 line of vacuums also features Miele’s patented AirClean Sealed System®. For those of us who battle allergies, listen up! Unlike lesser quality vacuums that exhaust particles back into your home, this technology allows the canister to contain dust and allergens safely within the filtration system. Miele’s AirClean Sealed System® has been proven by independent laboratory tests to be over 99.9% effective in capturing and containing pollens, dust mites, pet dander and other irritants known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Customers have an option of upgrading to an Active AirClean or Active H.E.P.A filter  for even better filtration.

Miele S6 Topaz S6270 Canister
Miele S6 Topaz S6270 Canister

The AirClean Sealed System® does something else, too. Combined with the Topaz canister’s Silent Insulation technology, this unit is sure to be the quietest vacuum you’ve ever owned. The S6270 is perfect for your pet’s sensitive ears.

Miele S6 vacuum cleaners have exceptional maneuverability with three smooth running 360-degree castor wheels. Mounting them on steel axles guarantees stability and maneuverability. The travel ramp design lets you move your vacuum easily over thresholds and around obstructions. The Topaz allows you to nimbly vacuum in tight spaces and around delicate furniture with ease.

And speaking of that furniture, the Topaz S6 also includes the Natural Bristle Dusting Brush, Upholstery Nozzle, Crevice tool, and VarioClip which attaches the tools to the hose. This combination ensures that you are able to tidy any mess around your home. The Upholstery Nozzle is especially helpful in keeping your window treatments, decorative pillows, and upholstered furniture fresh and pet-hair free!

Miele S6 Topaz Dial
Miele S6 Topaz Dial

Even grandma will appreciate this Miele canister because of its lightweight design. Coming in at under ten pounds, the Topaz is perfect for individuals with limitations or multi-level homes. The Miele S6 line also features large, foot-controlled power on/off and one-touch automatic cord rewind buttons allowing for easy use. The large-print rotary power dial is another simple feature you’ll love.

As far as I’m concerned, the Miele S6 Topaz S6270 truly offers it all! It’s a great choice for my mom and it may just be the right choice for you, too! To compare our full line of Miele vacuums, visit our comparison tool here. To learn even more about Miele’s S6 Topaz, visit here!

For Miele bags, filters and accessories, check out Central Vacuum Store’s selection!

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