Miele S8 Cat & Dog S8380 – Too Good For Amazon (Part Five)

When I was a little girl, a family friend came to visit and brought a surprise gift for my brother and me. A gray and white Himalayan kitten. Though I was too young to remember, I can certainly imagine my parent’s strained smiles and faux gratitude. They weren’t exactly cat people.  But with their backs against the wall and a week spent with this furry fiasco, there was really no other choice but to keep him. We named him Fred P. Fluff.

Fred P Fluff, Cat Extrodinaire
Fred P. Fluff, Cat Extraordinaire                                Most remembered for playing fetch, his air of indifference, and shedding, Fred was the kind of cat even dog lovers took a liking too. Though some claimed to find him a tad on the portly side, we were quick to defend his physique and point out that the fur alone added ten pounds.

Fred had quite the engaging personality and was a beloved pet. After 16 years with our family, his passing was a great blow. Cleaning up his constant shedding, however, was less of a loss.

Like tumbleweeds in an old western, little puffs of Fred’s fur would constantly roll to-and-fro in our home. They were underneath the furniture, clumped on the upholstery, and matted into the rugs. We paid the price for such an elegant looking feline. Who would have known that all the while we should have simply paid for a quality vacuum?

When you call and speak to one of our Miele experts at 1-800-221-8227 or use one of the many Miele comparison & research tools found on our website, an initial question you’ll need to answer is, “Do you have any pets?” Really, it sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. Central Vacuum Stores understands the importance of your pet. We offer solutions for living with allergies, products to remove pet stains and odors, and even a tool to choose the best vacuum based on your dog’s breed!

It’s little things like these that truly set us apart from Amazon.com. We’re not just a retailer, we’re a family of pet lovers! And just like Central Vacuum Stores wants to take care of your animal, so does Miele.

It wasn’t enough for Miele to create a vacuum that would simply benefit a pet owner, they actually designed a vacuum specifically for pet owners. The Miele S8 Cat & Dog S8380 is perhaps the canister our sales team refers the most and I’m not surprised. It includes every intuitive, pet-friendly feature you could think of!

The Miele S8 Cat & Dog with the Parquet Twister floor tool SBB300-3
The Miele S8 Cat & Dog with the SBB300-3 Parquet Twister floor tool in its “Parked” position.

The S8 Cat & Dog is one of Miele’s newest line of vacuum cleaners. From the updated ergonomic handle and lighter weight design, you’ll notice immediately that you’re using an exceptional machine. Even the quieter motor makes for a stress-free vacuuming experience for your pet. The Cat & Dog is sure to be your favorite vacuum. And, the S8 series has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval so you receive a two-year warranty.

Miele S8 Cat & Dog S8380
The powerful Electro Plus Electrobrush SEB228 is sure to remove stubborn pet hair from your area rugs and carpeting.

Perhaps what is most impressive about the Miele S8 Cat & Dog are the included tools. The S8380 comes complete with the Parquet Twister Floor Tool to best clean your hard surfaces, the Electro Plus Electrobrush to dig deep into your carpets removing hair and dander, and the STB 101 Handheld Turbo Mini Brush for cleaning upholstery, car interiors, bedding, and anything else!

Photographed with the Handheld Turbo Brush (STB101)
Photographed with the Handheld Turbo Brush (STB101) to vacuum pet hair off sofa’s, car upholstery, and your pet’s bed!

However, keep in mind these additional features are simply the frosting on the cake. You will also be purchasing a machine developed by some of the most demanding levels of excellence in the industry.

Take, for example, Miele’s exceptional filtration cycle. Never to be matched, Miele doesn’t just stop at the quality AirClean sealed filter bag. The S8380 also comes equipped to utilize the Active AirClean or H.E.P.A. filters within the unit. Only Miele’s AirClean Sealed System® has been proven by independent laboratory tests to be over 99.9% effective in capturing and containing pollens, dust mites, pet dander and other irritants known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

Like so many pet-parents, owning a quality vacuum can mean all the difference when eliminating harmful allergens and those lingering pet odors. It can also make life with your furry friend a little easier. Central Vacuum Stores is thrilled to bring you such an exceptional solution. We care about your pet and want it to be as happy with your new vacuum as you are!

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