Central Vacuum Powerhead – Time for an upgrade?

Imperium CT20DXQS 02 Advantage Dirt Sensor Powerhead
Imperium CT20DXQS 02 Advantage Dirt Sensor Powerhead

Sometimes when we hear complaints from customers about their older central vacuum systems, the problem is not  the central vacuum, but the older attachments.  One of the critical components of a central vacuum system is the powerhead. It is important to find  a powerhead that cleans well, is easy to maintain, has adequate height adjustment, motor safety features, and doesn’t break belts. At Central Vacuum Stores we have a wide selection of powerheads and are ready to advise you on the right powerhead for your cleaning needs.

Take a look at our Powerhead Information Guide

At Central Vacuum Stores we have a team of experienced experts and have been offering advice to our customers since 1948.  Recently, Central Vacuum Stores owner, Renee Ambrose received this email from a very satisfied customer…

Dear Renee-
I just wanted to highlight the great experience I had with your company. I included a biography of emails that started because I broke the wires connecting the powerhead of the vacuum for the central vac in our house we bought in 2006, but was built in 1985. The central vac was a Kenmore, so I contacted Sears. As you can see, they pretty much blew me off leaving me with either a long Ebay/used vacuum store search or installing a new central vac system. On a whim, I did a Google search and found your company. After a little more searching, I sent an email to see where that could get me. To my surprise, Pam gave me a real answer and a real option. After a second email and response from Val, I had an easy decision. I received my order promptly and works beautifully! The hose is much longer and actual vacuum is probably 2-3x lighter than what I had been using. Thank you for the great customer service and relief of what I thought was going to be a huge expensive problem!
Lisa D.
Imperium Elite PB-14e Powerhead
Imperium Elite PB-14e Powerhead
So, if you need advice about your central vacuum system, get it from the experienced experts at Central Vacuum Stores.  Call us today at 1-800-221-8227 or email us at salesinfo@centralvacuumstores.com.

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