Central Vacuum Stores and the USAF

Central Vacuum Stores thinks our HR manager is pretty fantastic. She’s understanding, hard-working, and stays so knowledgeable on all the changes and nuances of the human resource world. Maybe she gets that attention to detail from her late father? Today, we’re celebrating the United States Air Force and Staff Sargent Reginald Livingston!

Reginald Livingston, USAF
Reginald Livingston, USAF

“Reggie,” as his Air Force buddies called him, began his service in the early 1950’s during the Korean War. However, his position with the 72nd Air Police Squadron landed him on sunny Ramey Air Force Base on the island of Puerto Rico. To the tropics he traveled, his wife in tow.

Ramey AFB acted as a temporary holding base for planes as large as the B-36. Reggie worked in security on the island. His duties included guarding these multi-million dollar vessels as well as the base and the surrounding island shores.

In his free time, Reggie was a starting member of the Ramey Security basketball team. In his Ramey AFB Sentinel, it celebrates his team’s entrance into the championship game. Reginald scored 174 points that season. Always the athlete, he also joined Ramey’s inaugural volleyball team later that summer.

Ramey AFB Basketball Team
Ramey AFB Basketball Team
Reggie, bottom right, #3

Reggie and his wife went on to add four children to their house and following his service in Puerto Rico the family saw a change in climate with their station in North Dakota. Reggie later served in Newfoundland, Canada and eventually retired after twenty years in the Air Force from Macdill AFB in Tampa, Florida.

Reginald was also an active member of the “Ramey RampRats.” These former Air Force Police and 72nd Squadron members meet for reunions around the United States. Reminiscing with his former servicemen was a joy to Reggie, even up to his final days. We lost him to cancer in January of 2007.

We’re proud of his many military accomplishments, but perhaps most grateful for his wonderful daughter, Marilynn. Who else would keep our crazy bunch in line? Come to think of it…she often acts the role of military police, herself. It must be something in the gene pool!

If you’re an active or former member of the US Air Force, Central Vacuum Stores would like to celebrate your service with 5% off your total purchase! Visit our Facebook Page to learn more or contact our sales team for more info at 1-800-221-8227.

Any thoughts?

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