Central Vacuum Stores Commends the US Coast Guard

The shipping department at Central Vacuum Stores can be a demanding job. Aside from the physical aspect, this fast-pace, results driven role requires precision and a logistical aptitude. It’s no wonder, then, that one of our very own shipping specialists would make for a successful Coast Guard Electronics Technician!

Tanner Tidwell, USCG
Tanner Tidwell, USCG

Tanner Tidwell left Central Vacuum Stores in 2004 to start his career in the United States Coast Guard. We were sad to see him leave, but excited about his challenging new adventure. After his successful turn at Cape May, Tanner was stationed in Ketchikan, Alaska. Needless to say, this native Florida boy was far from home!

The training and duties in Ketchikan proved worth the cold, however, and Tanner went on to gain an unmatched education in electronics. His responsibilities included working with L.O.R.A.N. (Long Range Navigation- a radio navigation system that enables ships and aircrafts to determine their position using low frequency radio signals transmitted by the base.) Maintaining LORAN is critical for both civilian and military vessels as access to satellite navigation is often limited in the frigid northern seas.

Fishing in Alaska
Fishing in Alaska: same as fishing in Florida, but colder!

We were happy to see Tanner eventually return to Florida and continue his career in electronics. You can now find him working with large-scale, 10,000 horsepower motors and green energy programs. Operating with highly dangerous and often lethal levels of electrical current, Tanner’s expertise and Coast Guard training have served him well. Central Vacuum Stores is proud to see him succeed and honored by his service. We even miss his daily warehouse shenanigans (remind me to tell you about the time he nearly gave Central Vacuum Stores owner, Roger Ambrose, a heart-attack.)

If you were formerly or are currently in the United States Coast Guard, Central Vacuum Stores would like to celebrate your service with 5% off your total purchase!  Visit our Facebook Page to learn more or contact our sales team for more info at 1-800-221-8227.

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