Fakir S314 Upright Vacuum

Up until the fourth grade I shared a bedroom with my brother. At that time, my parents added a master-suite addition to our family home and I was moved into their old room. I was skeptical of this endeavor. It never occurred to me that I would want to have my own space. Why did my teenage brother suddenly find me so irksome? What of all the blanket forts built? What of the bad dreams appeased? Did those mean nothing to him?

With the bitterness of an exile I solemnly faced this foreign territory until, one day, a family friend came over with some carpet samples. As I ran my little fingers over the different textures and colors, I began to understand the glory of owning a space all to myself. And when I stopped on a luxurious, pale pink, wool-blend, I had an epiphany. This is my first memory of decorating. The proverbial flood-gates were opened.

Carpeting, like paint, is one of the easiest ways to revive and personalize a space and choosing a quality carpet can be a smart investment in your home. With that said, carpeting can be difficult to keep clean. Dust and dirt will hide in the piling and, without the correct vacuum, you may not be able to eliminate those harmful allergens and odors. Owning a vacuum designed for carpeting is essential.

Fakir S314 Upright Vacuum
The Fakir S314 Upright Vacuum

The Fakir S314 Upright Vacuum is just that vacuum. And when I tell you it’s a powerful machine, don’t be confused. I assure you, cleaning medium to think pile carpeting requires more than just powerful suction. To properly refresh and clean quality carpeting, it’s all about the roller brush.

Here’s what sets Fakir’s line of upright vacuums apart: The dual motor system. This German engineered vacuum features one motor unit to power the suction of the vacuum and a second motor to rotate the roller-brush.

This means the roller brush (also called an agitator or beater-brush) isn’t sharing its power with anything else. It is lifting and separating your carpet threads, displacing any hidden dirt from the bottom up, with its own independent power. Having a powerful roller brush also gives your carpet fibers that refreshed look you crave after a good vacuum. Dedicating a motor specifically to the rotating brush to help process your carpet fibers allows for a truly flawless finish.

But let’s not discount the motor unit dedicated to the suction because it doesn’t have to share any of its power, either! Once that roller brush has done its job kicking up all that dirt, the powerful suction found in the Fakir S314 whisks it away and stores it safely within the HEPA filtration bag. What you’re left with are carpets so clean you could eat off them! (We also have a line of carpet cleaning solutions in case you do just that.)

Fakir S314 Upright Vaccum
Exceptional maneuverability not often found in an upright.

You’ll also love the efficiency found in the Fakir S314. The large, 14 inch powerhead allows you to tackle more carpet in less time and the unique shape maneuvers around furniture legs and corners with ease.

Additionally, your S314 comes complete with an Upholstery Tool and Crevice Tool making it a perfect appliance to clean your entire home. And the 40 foot power cord is there to go the distance right along with you!

The Fakir S314 Upright Vacuum is ideal for residential use but an exceptional tool in a commercial setting, as well. Because of its powerful dual motors, even your high traffic carpets are no match.

I can still remember the feel of that cushiony, pink carpet under my toes (as well as the way it complimented my freshly painted lavender walls and quilted bedding.) It’s amazing the importance a childhood bedroom can have; how an 11 x 10 sheet of carpeting could be a step towards independence to a little girl. Your home is precious because…it’s your home! Give it the best with the Fakir S314!


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