Imperium CV300 Power Unit

Were he alive today, Dante would be thrilled to learn that I have recently discovered a tenth circle of Hell. Oh, he may be annoyed at the extensive editing his Inferno would require, but all the same, I feel certain he would thank me for the revelation. Obviously, he failed to note the realm of eternal punishment known as, “Shopping for a New Sofa.” I’d posit it falls before the Circle of Anger, as the one inevitably leads to the other.

This past weekend, J. and I sat on, discussed, and evaluated every sofa in the state of Florida all to come up empty-handed and fully frustrated. It seems mathematically impossible that there be infinite fabrics, styles, and arrangements from which to choose and we would still not be able to agree on a single one. And yet, here I sit…on my old sofa.

With this odyssey fresh in my mind, I recall the many times we referenced our central vacuum system while shopping. Whether it was the fabric I foresaw being high-maintenance or the arm detailing he suspected would catch crumbs, our central vac was a constant solution. It seems, at least, we can both agree that our Imperium Central Vacuum System was the perfect purchase.

Imperium CV300
The Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Imperium Central Vacuums are manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing out of Ponca City, Oklahoma. These quality central vacuum units are made in America and offer innovative features in a variety of options.

The Imperium CV300 is a superior bagged unit and is powerful enough to be installed in a home as large as 6,000 square feet!

Known for its quiet running performance, the Imperium CV300 is constructed of galvanized steel and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Imperium HPB-1 Disposable Paper Filter Bag
Imperium HPB-1 Disposable Paper Filter Bag

A bagged central vacuum unit is ideal for any homeowner concerned with allergens. For example, while emptying a filtered canister, an individual is exposed to the loose dirt and debris with each cleaning. But the Imperium CV300 contains vacuumed deposits in a sealed bag. Simply remove the bag and discard…so easy! And, for an even healthier solution, Imperium offers HEPA Filtration replacement bags, as well.

Until you’ve owned an Imperium Central Vacuum System in your home, you won’t truly understand the convenience and cleaning power it provides. Central vacuums are the most efficient and sanitary way to clean. And the various attachments and accessories will help you tackle all your household chores (even cleaning the sofa!)

For more information on choosing the best central vacuum unit for your home or need help with your DIY installation, call our team of experts at 1-800-221-8227 or visit our helpful COMPARE PAGE.

Take a look at this link to help compare different Imperium units!

Any thoughts?

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