Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum Paper Bag Version Vacuum

I do not have children (and if one more person asks me about it I may snap…just kidding (not really.)) I have, however, led a fairly child-inclusive life. From my teen years spent babysitting to my college years as a nanny, I’m well versed in all things kids. But when I married my husband and realized his child rearing skills were zero to nil, I took a drastic step. At our home church I rushed to sign us up as Sunday School teachers.

In the two-year-old class.

Life lessons come in a variety of courses, but I would argue that spending an hour and thirty minutes in a 12×12 room with eighteen two-year-olds is the equivalent of a Master’s Degree. Although we had secondary goals like reading the week’s Bible lesson, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my primary objective each Sunday was to get through class with every child still breathing. (Originally, it was “with every child not bleeding but we quickly learned that we had set the bar too high. Did you know two-year-olds bite?) Now here’s the part that should interest you:

What better durability test than the day-to-day wear & tear 
provided by a class of screaming, running, cookie-dropping 
Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum Paper Bag Version Vacuum
The Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum -Paper Bag Version

The Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum Paper Bag Version is one amazing commercial vacuum. The star highlight may be the extra-wide vacuum path. Measuring at an unmatched 16 inches, this powerful vacuum head is sure to cut down your cleaning time and take on your biggest messes.

Ideal for low to high pile carpeting, the SC899 Vibra Groom aluminum roller brush digs deep into carpet fibers leaving your floors truly clean and looking refreshed. And the large diameter fan and 145 CFM motor allow for powerful suction. The fan’s center mounted, funnel shaped air intake means you get maximum air flow in an upright vacuum cleaner.

Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum Paper Bag Version Vacuum
A commercial vacuum that accepts paper bags!

But we’ve improved on even these impressive standards! Our Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum comes with the ability to accept paper bags!

Unlike most commercial vacuum cleaners, you can avoid those gross “shake-out” cleaning methods. Instead of emptying the attached red collector found in most Sanitaires (getting dust everywhere) the SC899 Paper Bag Version accepts Micro-Lined Upright Style F&G Bags. This is a MUST for anyone with allergies.

The Sanitaire SC899 also features the Quick Kleen option available only from Sanitaire. Quick Kleen lets you remove the fan chamber in a matter of seconds for easy access to the fan. This way you can either clear the fan if it is jammed or replace it without a trip to the repair shop. If you’re accustomed to using commercial vacuums that take a lot of abuse, you know this is an exciting feature.

Each Sunday, the last parent would pick up their precious angel and I would turn to find a room that resembled an earthquake stricken, California playground. However, after just a few, quick strokes with the Sanitaire SC899 Upright Vacuum Paper Bag Version the room was ready for the second-service class. I however, needed a nap.


Any thoughts?

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