Central Vacuum System All-In-One Packages & Installation

All-In-One packages to simplify your central vacuum installation!

So you actually did it, you superstar, you. This past weekend you installed your brand new central vacuum system using our handy do-it-yourself guide. Well I sure am proud of you.

Let me guess…you went with one of Central Vacuum Stores’ fantastic all-in-one kits for your system installation; the packages that include all the piping and fittings necessary to complete your project. Did you use one of our helpful comparison tools to determine which model to go with?

Oh, you are one smart cookie.

I fear, however, that you may be disappointed because Central Vacuum Stores provided such expert advice and quality installation help, you finished your install in less time than you expected.

I mean, when you had a question, you called and we helped you; when you ran into a snag, our troubleshooting page solved it. Ugh, now what are you going to do with the rest of your weekend? How are you going to keep yourself entertained? Have no fear, we’ve thought of everything!

Take your left-over vacuum pipes and before you know it all that free time you saved by choosing to buy from Central Vacuum Stores will be used up. Shoo…what a relief!

Create a series of flower vases!
A new storage caddy for your desk, perhaps?
Finally, all those wine bottles are in their place.
Maybe the bathroom could use some attention?
You’ll be thrilled to have her hair tools off the counter!
Toothbrush storage…just what you’ve been missing!

Any thoughts?

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