Miele CM 5100 Espresso Machine

I’m not sure many people would classify me as “loving.” Oh I love people, in my own way, but my own way often excludes affection, kindness, or consideration. You’ll know I love you because I’ll say so. It just may be preceded by, “Now I’m only telling you this because…” and followed by a harsh truth regarding your current outfit. It’s just my way.

However, if there is one thing I love without abandon, one thing I am unable to live without, one thing against which I measure all other joys, that thing would be coffee.

Miele CM 5100 Espresso Machine
The Miele CM 5100 Espresso Machine

Coffee is to grown-ups what toys are to children: Yes, we’ll survive without it, but there’s going to be a lot of screaming and I’ll likely need a nap by 11:00. I just can’t face the day without a cup of my favorite joe and as such, I’ve become a bit of a coffee connoisseur.

The Miele CM 5100 Espresso Maker is like having your very own barista working in your kitchen. You’ll be able to whip up all your favorites: single or double coffees, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

This amazing system freshly grinds your whole beans and offers 4 programmable cup sizes. But what sets it apart from your standard coffee maker is the electronic steam valve. Using the hot steam you can heat & froth milk for your latees and cappuccinos  It’s also perfect for heating water for teas.

Go ahead and do the math… If your daily drink sets you back a few dollars at your local coffee shop, how much money would you save in a year by brewing that same quality cup at home?

Miele CM5100 Steel Milk Flask
Miele CM5100
Steel Milk Flask

Miele’s insulated milk flask is made of double-walled stainless steel and keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours without any loss of quality. You can make yourself a latee in the morning and your husband can make his decaf macchiato in the afternoon!

The flask connects directly to the steam valve so you can make the perfect frothy milk for your favorite beverages, even hot chocolate!

Miele CM5100 Two Spouts
Miele CM5100
Two Spouts

The Miele CM 5100 offers double dispensing spouts. You’ll be able to make two portions of coffee at the same time, perfect for dinner parties or the couple on the go!

The height-adjustable dispensing spout accommodates an array of cup sizes, from the classic petite espresso cup to your favorite oversized travel-mug.

The Miele CM5100 also comes in a sleek, high-sheen black or white and features stainless steel accents. Sure to compliment any modern kitchen, just imagine how beautiful it will look on your countertop!

Trust me when I tell you that you’re going to absolutely LOVE this espresso/coffee maker. Remember, I don’t just throw that word around. And just in case you’re ever invited on a national television show and wondering if those pants make your butt look big, you know who to call.

Summary of the Miele CM5100 Features:

  • Four programmable cup sizes
  • Whole coffee bean system
  • Multi-language two-line display with intuitive user interface
  • On/Off programmable times
  • Coffee strength selectable per cup
  • Height adjustable coffee spout
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated Cup Warmer
  • Energy-saving Eco-Mode
  • Powerful pump (15 bar)
  • Electronic Steam Valve
  • 10.5″ wide x 14.5″ high x 19.5″ deep
  • 21.2 pounds
  • Prompts to empty waste container and drip tray
  • Prompts for replenishment of coffee beans and water
  • Removable, easy-to-clean brew unit
  • Removable water tank
  • Insulated stainless steel milk flask
  • Bean container and ground coffee chamber
  • Includes descaling tablets, cleaning tablets, and water hardness test
  • Includes coffee measuring spoon

Take a look at the Miele CM 5200 Espresso Maker if you’re looking for one-touch cappuccino and latee functionality.

Any thoughts?

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