NuTone VX Series Central Vacuums

This past weekend my husband and I took on yet another DIY home project. We decided to raise the dropped ceiling in our hallway and install a new attic entry. Working on a ceiling can be exceptionally messy. With piles of fallen insulation, plaster flakes, and tracked dirt, even a small area of demolition can turn your entire home upside-down.

Now, I’ve already mentioned that I have an issue with cleaning (and by issue I mean manic neurosis.) Any home renovation is going to give me anxiety, but this job made my house look like a Discovery Channel episode; “Buried Alive by Insulation,” tonight at 11:00. There were fluffs of fiberglass infused cellulose in the hall closet, in the bathroom, in the bedrooms…everywhere! It’s times like these I wonder how anyone survives without a central vacuum system.

NuTone VX Series
The NuTone VX Series

Whether it’s a new home you’re building or a renovation you’re taking on, a central vacuum system should be at the top of your installation list. The convenience of a built-in central vacuum cannot be matched. Add in the exceptional cleaning, the elimination of harmful allergens, and the customizable powerheads and accessories and you’ll only wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner!

NuTone central vacuums have a long standing history of quality construction and durability. The NuTone VX Series offers exceptionally powerful units. These easy to install vacuum systems come in a range of CFMs (Cubic Feet Per Minute) to meet a variety of square feet. Simply select the model fit for your home.

Choose from the VX475 for homes up to 4,000 square feet, the VX550 for homes up to 8,000 square feet, and the VX1000 for homes or commercial properties as large as 12,000 square feet. You also have the choice of a bagged unit or a unit utilizing cyclonic filtration.

NuTone Central Vacuums, Series VX
NuTone Central Vacuums, Series VX

Need help deciding between bagged or cyclonic? Read our Comparison Page here!

NuTone VX Series of Central Vacuums offer internal sound suppression, easy access to the bag or cyclonic filter, and a 2 year warranty. Central Vacuum Stores also offers all-in-one kits and full accessory packages.

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