The Royal Tranquility Series

Royal BabyThe anticipation…the days spent waiting…oh the agony of not knowing!

Confession: I don’t quite understand people celebrating a newborn monarch. An infant who, thus far, has done absolutely nothing deserving this attention or the future blessing he’ll be bestowed. Call me American. However, yesterday I watched Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge standing on those hospital steps and little, warm fuzzies gathered inside. I mean, do they have to be so darn cute? Oh and then the baby sticks his little hand out. And how does she get her hair so glorious? All right, fine…I’m obsessed.

Royal Central Vacuum Units
The Royal Central Vacuum Unit, available in a range of powers to meet your home’s square footage

In honor of the British Monarchy’s newest addition, I thought I should highlight the royal member in our central vacuum family. It’s true, ours isn’t as cute and cuddly, but I think you’ll find it’s significantly quieter and vastly more helpful around the house.

Royal Central Vacuum Cleaners are one of the oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world. First produced by P.A. Geier Company in 1905, Mr. Geier started making his vacuums in a backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, they’ve grown to produce quality vacuum units at affordable prices for homes throughout North America.

The Royal Tranquility Series is just that…tranquil! Known for their quiet-running units, this series is available in three powerful wattage levels to fit your home’s needs. The CS620 is perfect for a home with 5,000 square feet or less and features the same quality components as its big brothers. The CS820 is powerful enough to tidy an 8,000 square foot home and it the quietest of the three units with a dBA level of 62.8. But if it’s real power you want, the CS1200 offers an unbelievable 848 Air Watts and provides enough suction to vacuum a home as large as 12,000 square feet!

In addition to your new Royal Central Vacuum unit, Central Vacuum Stores also offers the full line of attachments, hoses, accessories, filters, and replacement parts to optimize your experience.

I wish the new baby Prince and each sweet baby around the world all the health and happiness this life can provide. And when all those precious little princes and princesses are on the move, you’ll be happy to keep your floors spotless with a Royal Central Vacuum unit. Even nap time won’t be disturbed with this quiet-running machine!

Any thoughts?

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