Central Vacuum Systems When Building A Home

Over dinner with a friend the other night there was only one topic of conversation. This friend is building her dream home: 2,400 square feet, two stories, four bedrooms, two and 1/2 baths, a formal dining room…everything she could want in a house. She and her husband had finalized all the interior finishes and, naturally, we spent the evening exploring every shade in her granite and analyzing all the benefits of ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

But what we really examined were her flooring choices. With a combination of tile, hardwood, and carpeting, she had her hands full. Good thing she’s got such a brilliant friend who was prepared to provide the perfect solution. A central vacuum system.

Installing a Central Vacuum System
From laying out the pipe routes to choosing the number of needed inlets, Central Vacuum Stores walks you step-by-step through the installation process.

Building a new home is an unbelievably overwhelming process. But don’t worry, your new dream house is worth it! The trick is to dedicate a lot of time considering you’re day-to-day living and being certain you accommodate the most important installation in that new home: you and your family!

Including a central vacuum system in your new construction is a wise choice. Whether you’re working with a contractor or taking a DIY approach, installing the components before the drywall goes up makes life a lot simpler.

Why Choose A Central Vacuum System?

Imperium CV3200 Signature Basic Barefloor Upgrade
This Imperium CV3200 comes with specific barefloor tools. You’ll never have to sweep again!

One word: convenience. A central vacuum system allows you to install a power unit in a discreet location such as a garage, laundry room, or basement. This way, when it comes time to clean your floors, all you need is the hose! The inlets located throughout your home now become your gateway to efficient cleaning. Simply plug in your hose, choose the attachment you need, and vacuum!

Because of the endless attachments and accessories to complement your central vacuum, you always have the right tool at your fingertips. A standard vacuum cleaner is usually designed for carpeted surfaces only. The roller (or beater bar) rotates its bristles to drive up dirt from a carpets fibers. But what about hard flooring? Almost all homes today have a combination of both and a central vacuum system makes easy work of the transition. Swapping out a barefloor brush for a carpet powerhead couldn’t be more simple.

An attachment for every need!
An attachment for every need!

Additionally, lugging a standard vacuum up and down stairs can be such a hassle and, frankly, dangerous. With a central vacuum system there’s no heavy canister to maneuver. All you need to carry is the lightweight hose and you may even find it convenient to keep a hose on both levels.

But what about cleaning those stairs? Standard cord lengths may not allow you to reach the top without un-plugging and trying to clean the small surface of each step requires the right tools. With a central vacuum system, you don’t need to hop a heavy vacuum up and down each step. Plus, you can choose from numerous attachments to perfect any chore.

So many garage attachment sets to choose from!
So many garage attachment sets to choose from!

Let’s say your new home finally has that two-car garage you’ve been wanting. Central Vacuum Stores even offers specialized garage attachment sets designed for just that. Care for your automobiles with a frequent vacuuming; let you husband make all the mess he wants at his woodworking station; the constant dirt and mud being tracked in by the kid’s sporting equipment is no problem…owning a central vacuum system can truly change your outlook on what’s considered “too much mess.”

Features You Just Can’t Get With A Standard Vacuum Cleaner

A central vacuum system is more than just convenient. It’s also the healthiest vacuum solution you can choose. Standard vacuums exhaust as you vacuum, meaning even the best cleaners still release tiny dust and dirt particles back into the air as you clean. This can result in harmful allergens actually being circulated through your home!

But a central vacuum’s power source is kept apart from livable space. As the dirt and dust is being vacuumed by the hose, the exhausted air is being filtered elsewhere. And the best part: central vacuum power units can even be vented to the outside, allowing dirt to be removed from your house entirely.

Another benefit of the detached power unit is the elimination of odors. Anyone with pets knows that, after a while, your vacuum begins to smell each time you turn it on. Build-up of fur and dander lines the interior of the vacuum and can’t ever be fully removed. But a central vacuum power unit keeps those odors out of sight and out of mind. Plus, the loud noise that usually accompanies vacuuming is minimized!

Why Wait? You Deserve This!

Even if you’re not in the middle of building your dream home, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a dream appliance! Central vacuum units can be installed in existing construction and Central Vacuum Stores offers step-by-step advice on how to do just that. Take the chore out of vacuuming. Purchase your new central vacuum system today!

Any thoughts?

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