Central Vacuum Stores 2×2 Adaptor Installation Help

In the mid 2000’s, the rise of the do-it-yourselfer combined with the popularity of big-box home renovation stores had our sales team hearing the same question over and over:

Can’t I just use the PVC pipes and fittings I see at my local home improvement store to install my central vacuum line?

And after a lifetime in the industry, Central Vacuum Stores owner Roger Ambrose was ready to provide the perfect solution. Roger designed, produced, and patented the exclusive Central Vacuum Stores 2 x 2 Adaptor Fitting.

Central Vacuum 2x2 Adaptor Fitting
The Patented Central Vacuum 2×2 Adaptor Fitting

Most home improvement stores carry standard, schedule 40, plumbing PVC pipe. It’s often less expensive and easier to find than vacuum piping. The problem? These pipes won’t connect to your central vacuum unit or outlets as plumbing PVC is larger in diameter.

Our exclusive adaptors are designed in such a way that the plumbing pipe and the vacuum pipe fit snuggly into each end of the adaptor creating a smooth interior wall. The adaptors are actually connected outside of the pipe, allowing efficient airflow to move dirt and debris through the system and into the dirt container. The smooth transition eliminates any chance of catching or clogging within the pipes.

So what does this mean for you? Here’s an example:

Central Vacuum Stores 2x2 Adaptor
Diagram of inlet installation using the Central Vacuum Stores 2×2 Adaptor

Your central vacuum inlets and power unit will be designed to function with vacuum pipe fittings and piping only. In section (76) of the diagram to the right, a vacuum tube fitting (44) and pipe (48) are connected directly to the inlet. Next, the patented 2×2 Adaptor (54) joins the vacuum pipe and Schedule 40 plumbing pipe (60) to make a perfect fit. Now, as you continue to run this line back to the power unit, purchasing pipe and fittings is as convenient as your local home improvement store!

VISIT HERE for more installation fittings and piping!

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As always, if you have any questions regarding your central vacuum system installation, our team is ready to assist. Just call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with an installation expert.

Any thoughts?

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