Miele S6 Topaz S6270 Vacuum

2017 Update

Effective April 2017, Miele has discontinued to S6/Compact C2 Topaz. For a similar model, consider the Miele Complete C3 Kona. Like the Topaz, the Kona will include an electric powerhead and hard-floor brush. But it will offer some additional features that make it a better unit, like the HEPA filter, a larger dirtbag, or the foot-operated settings control.

There’s something about a fresh coat of red paint that turns an ordinary object into a spicy fireball. A favorite toenail polish peeking out of a sexy heel, a gorgeous sports car speeding past you on the highway, a statement dress that only comes out at Christmas parties and anniversaries. Red is the color of power and strength, the color of every Presidential candidate’s tie. It’s no wonder, then, that Miele chose to give their Topaz a revival. Ditching the old neutral tone…they opted for Tayberry Red!

The Miele S6 Topaz
The Miele S6 Topaz

A leader in Miele’s S6 line of canister vacuums, the Topaz S6270 features powerful attachments to clean your home. Setting it apart from the S6 Quartz, the Topaz offers the Parquet Twister Floor Brush to maintain your hard-surface flooring. And advancing even from the S6 Onyx, the Topaz includes the SEB217-3 Electric Powerbrush to powerfully vacuum your low to medium pile carpeting. The combination of these two exceptional floor tools makes the Topaz the outstanding model in the S6 line.

Miele S6 Topaz Vario Clip and Parking System
Miele S6 Topaz Vario Clip and Parking System

The additional attachments, the crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach spaces, the upholstery tool for sofas and curtains, and the dusting brush for baseboards and ledges, fit easily into Miele’s Vario Clip. This clip, designed especially to attach directly to your hose, keeps all your tools within reach.

Adding another level of convenience is the Miele parking system. This allows you to insert the wand and floor tool into the park system on the back of the vacuum. You don’t need to rest your wand against the wall or lay it on the floor ever again.

The Topaz interior including the AirClean Bag & Filter
The Topaz interior including the AirClean Bag & Filter

But these exceptional features are simply the icing on the cake. The real quality of a Miele vacuum lies in what you can’t see. Like Miele’s patented 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System over 99.9% effective in capturing and containing dust, pet dander, and pollens. And the AirClean Filter and AirClean Bag working tirelessly to eliminate¬†indoor air pollutants. Or even the 1200 watt Vortex Motor and Silence Insulation. It’s this attention to detail and innovation construction that make a Miele…a Miele!

Learn more about the S6 Topaz HERE.

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