The Imperium PINK Central Vacuum Unit

Maybe it’s ten years from now, maybe it’s twenty. Maybe it’s another busy morning; he’s rushing to get ready for work, I’m missing shoes, we’re out of milk for cereal, the typical chaos of any other day.  Maybe I’ll get a phone call or an email from a friend asking if I’ve seen the news, and I’ll wonder who has time for news when life is this crazy? Maybe I’ll turn the T.V. on and find the reporters beaming. Maybe the New York streets in the background are in full celebration. Maybe strangers are hugging strangers. And maybe along the bottom banner, in repeat, five little words are streaming.
Suddenly this isn’t just any other day. Suddenly nothing else matters.


Can you see it? Can you imagine what that would be like? Who you would call first, who you would think of, who you would wish had lived to see it? Are you ready for this to be a “soon” and not just a “maybe?”

In 2009, Central Vacuum Stores’ owner, Renee Ambrose, informed the staff that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as quite a shock to many of us. Surely this vibrant, dynamic force of energy couldn’t be sick; it just didn’t make sense. But what didn’t surprise any of us was Renee’s determined fight against the disease and her eventual clean bill of health.

Renee is just one of the millions of people affected by cancer. Brave men and women who battle through chemo, endure the radiation, and spend months and years in and out of hospitals. And while we celebrate these individuals, we’re also ready to see the end to their long list of names. We’re ready to see the end of cancer.

Each October, Central Vacuum Stores sets aside the month to talk about cancer awareness, cancer research funding, and early detection. And though breast cancer really hits home around here, the month is dedicated to cancer in its every grisly, ugly form.

Imperium PINK
The Imperium Pink Central Vacuum Canister.
$20 from each sale is donated to Moffitt Cancer Center

That’s why we designed the Imperium Pink Central Vacuum System. With every sale of this power unit, Central Vacuum Stores makes a $20.00 donation to Moffitt Cancer Center

You’re not only getting a quality central vacuum unit, you’re also helping to find a cure for cancer. The research performed at Moffitt has led to innovative treatments and leaps in the understanding of how cancer functions. Moffitt Cancer Center is one of only 41 National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive cancer centers in the country.

“Pink” has become a powerful symbol for breast cancer awareness but our donations to Moffitt will benefit all cancer research. We want our PINK to remind people that cancer doesn’t just come in one color. We hope you join us in our quest to end cancer.

In addition to the $20 donated with each Imperium PINK sale, Central Vacuum Stores will donate $5.00 through the month of October with every Imperium RUBY and Imperium EMERALD sale.

Imperium central vacuumImperium CV280 Imperium central vacuumImperium CV7200 Imperium PINKImperium PINK imperium central vacuumImperium CV300 imperium central vacuumImperium CV7500

Any thoughts?

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