SEBO D4 Premium Black Onyx 90640AM

SEBO D4 Premium Black Onyx 90640AM
SEBO D4 Premium Black Onyx 90640AM

In 1978, two German engineers set out to make the best commercial vacuum cleaners on the market and SEBO was born. Dedicating all their efforts to quality construction and high-grade components, the idea of “No Disposable Vacuum” led the way to also create a full line of exceptional vacuums to care for your home.

The SEBO D4 Premium Black Onyx canister vacuum is designed specifically for users with allergies, asthma, or breathing issues. The exceptional sealed construction and mulit-step filtration eliminate harmful dust and dander.

SEBO Filter Bag

In addition, all that debris and dirt are kept securely within a 1.5 gallon filter bag. The extra large, disposable bag means it will require fewer changes. An indicator window turns orange when the filter bag should be replaced, and closing its built-in hygiene cap prevents dust from escaping during bag removal or disposal. The separate microfilters ensure strong suction and are easy and inexpensive to change.

SEBO D4 lays all the way flatAside from the SEBO D4 Premium’s health benefits, it’s also designed to be exceptionally convenient for your day-to-day use. The 50 foot cleaning radius is one of the largest on the market. This means you won’t need to SEBO Parking Positionunplug and replug the unit as often! A “Flat-to-the-Floor” profile allows the 3 1/2 inch powerhead to reach far under furniture as the entire unit rotates to a flat position. And when your task is finished and it’s time to store the canister, simply connect the wand and powerhead into the park position and easily slide it into a closet or corner.

SEBO D4 Premium Black Onyx 90640AM
Shown with the Parquet Brush

Using your SEBO D4 Premium Black canister vacuum is easy on any flooring surface. Your purchase includes a crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle and a dusting brush in addition to the hard surface Parquet Brush.ET-1 Power Head Category

But perhaps the real gem in the SEBO arsenal is the ET-1 Powerhead. The 12 inch cleaning path, easy maneuverability, and easy brush removal make this a truly functional product.

The SEBO D4 Premium Onyx 90640AM is a great canister unit for homes with kids, pets, allergy sufferers, or anyone wanting a thorough clean. It’s ease of use and innovative features set it apart from lesser quality brands. Check out all the benefits of the SEBO D4 Premium!

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