Miele Charcoal Filter

Central Vacuum Stores, while being in business over sixty years and going on four generations, is anything but a corporate environment. Being a family owned and operated establishment allows us to operate in a more family oriented way. So when one of our senior managers announced she was having a baby, the office just went ahead and made room. As a result, we spend our days with an extra small, extra cute associate.

JW helping repair a unit with his grandfather, Central Vacuum Stores' owner Roger Ambrose.
JW helping repair a unit with his grandfather, Central Vacuum Stores’ owner Roger Ambrose.

Now all was going fine until JW started eating solid foods. The office he shared with his mom suddenly became littered with yogurt bites, raisins, and crumbs. And even though we were using one of our best Miele units to clean up after our little munchkin, the vacuum unit itself started to smell a sickly sweet odor of food bits long past their prime.

For many of our customers, this is a familiar tale. Anyone with small children or pets understands the frustration of a stinky vacuum!

No matter how clean your pet is, dander and fur eventually build within your vacuum and the odor fills the room each time you turn it on. The same is true with picking up after small children. You never know what you’re vacuuming up! Food bits that settle within the vacuum bag eventually start to smell and it seeps through even a quality unit.

Miele understands this dilemma. Their vacuums feature their quality Sealed System but some odors, like pet dander, require an additional filtration. That’s why Miele offers a charcoal filter specifically designed for odor management.

Charcoal, unlike other filter materials, has been proven to absorb and kill powerful odors. It’s been used in cat litters, refrigerator deodorizers, and waste management products. But the innovative minds at Miele knew it would be even more helpful within their vacuum filters.

In case you were wondering, we replaced the standard filter in the Miele vacuum we used in JW’s room with an Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter and the change was immediate. When we powered up the vacuum and began to tidy up around the room, the odor was gone! No more stinky vacuum!

Miele makes charcoal filters to fit most Miele vacuums. The Miele SFAAC30 Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter and the Miele AAC-50 Active Air Clean Filter can be purchased at CentralVacuumStores.com in addition to Miele’s HEPA filters designed for allergy and health benefits.

Miele SFAAC30 Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter 07226140
The Miele SFAAC30 Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter

Miele SFAAC30 Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter fits the following Miele Models:

  • S301 Midsize
  • S312 Midsize
  • S314 Midsize
  • S314 Red Star
  • S314 White Star
  • S316 Cat & Dog
  • S318 Bahama Blue
  • S318 MediVac
  • S324
  • S326
  • S334 Ambiente
  • S336 Blue Magic
  • S344 Platinum
  • S336 Blue Magic
  • S344 Platinum
  • S401 Fullsize
  • S412 Profi
  • S428 Allergy Control
  • S434 White Pearl
  • S438 Allergy Control
  • S444 Platinum
  • S444 White Pearl
  • S514 Direct Connect
  • S514 Mango Red
  • S514 Solaris Electro
  • S514 Solaris Turbo
  • S514 Solaris Yellow
  • S516 Cat & Dog
  • S518 Medivac
  • S524 Crystal
  • S524 Mercury
  • S528 Filtration Guard
  • S544 Artico
  • S548 Aluminium
  • S548 Champagne
  • S558 Red Velvet
  • S558 Silver Moon
  • S624 Fullsize
  • S658 Blue Moon
  • S2121 Capri
  • S2120 Delphi
  • S2120 Olympus
  • S2180/81 Titan
  • S7 Bolero
  • S7 Swing
  • S7280
  • S7 Tango
  • S7 Calypso
  • S7 Jazz
  • S7 Cat&Dog
  • S7 Twist
Miele AAC-50 Active Air Clean Filter 07226150
Miele AAC-50 Active Air Clean Filter

The Miele AAC-50 Active Air Clean Filter fits the following Miele models:

  • S4210 Capella
  • S4210 Carina
  • S4210 Sirius
  • S4210 Antares
  • S4212 Neptune
  • S4212 Polaris
  • S4580 Luna
  • S4582 Eclipse
  • S4780 Orion
  • S5210 Ariel
  • S5211 Ariel
  • S5280 Callisto
  • S5280 Pisces
  • S5281 Callisto
  • S5281 Pisces
  • S5281 Libra
  • S5380Leo
  • S5381 Leo
  • S5481 Earth
  • S5481 Terrane
  • S5580 Aquarius
  • S5980 Capricorn
  • S5981 Capricorn
  • S6270 Quartz
  • S6270 Red Velvet
  • S6270 Onyx
  • S6270 Topaz
  • S6290 Jasper
  • S6290 Home Care
  • S8380 Cat & Dog
  • S8390 Calima
  • S8390 Kona
  • S8390 Home Care
  • S8590 Marin
  • S8589 Alize
  • S8990 Brilliant

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