Miele CM 5200 Espresso Machine Black

When I was in college, my University library had a coffee shop built into the first floor. My obsession started as an occasional treat…a long evening of studying demanded a reward, a cold afternoon warranted a warm pick-me-up. But eventually, it turned into something more. When I began swinging back by for my second or third cup, my friends and family really started to scoff. Can coffee qualify for an intervention?

The thing is, for the most part I’m pretty healthy. I do my best to keep an exercise routine, I try to buy organic foods, I stay away from an assortment of vices…so coffee is really my only guilty pleasure. And if you’re like me, the real guilt lies in the expense you incur with each cup.

Miele CM 5200 Espresso Machine Black
The Miele CM 5200 Espresso Machine Black

When I start to add up just how much money I’ve spent on my “designer” coffee drinks over the years it’s enough to give me the jitters (similar to too much coffee.) A coffee a day throughout the work-week from your favorite coffee shop can add up to over $1,000 a year. And forget about the time spent in those morning lines.

That’s why we’ve seen so much response to the Miele CM5200 Espresso Machine. The CM5200 is like having a coffee barista sitting on your kitchen counter.

Easy LED display!
Easy LED display!

What sets this model apart from the CM5000 and CM5100 are the exceptional extras. First and foremost is the simplicity. One of the most common complaints about espresso machines is the time and multi-step process it takes to get the frothy, milky drinks you love. The CM5200 has solved this.

The portable milk flask and tube easy to keep cold in the fridge and attach when needed.
The portable milk flask and tube easy to keep cold in the fridge and attach when needed.

All it takes is a quick selection of cappuccino, macchiato, or latte from the LED display and press the “OK” button. The machine does the rest! With just your selection the CM5200 will electronically grind the correct amount of espresso bean and begin frothing the perfect amount of milk from the insulated milk flask. Just place your cup down and wait!

Cleaning the milk connection is also easy after you’ve finished with your single or series of drinks, the CM5200 will prompt you to initiate the cleaning process. Simply unplugged the milk tube from the flask and plug it into the designated spot in the drain tray. The machine then filters hot water and steam through the workings to sanitize and remove any remaining milk.

Dual spouts wither quickly prepare one drink or efficiently pour two!
Dual spouts to make one drink or two!

Another amazing feature is the ability to brew, froth, or make two drinks at once. Using the dual pour spouts, the LED display gives you the option to make one or two drinks, saving you time. Even your local coffee shop would take longer than your Miele 5200! And with three adjustable strength and temperature settings, your drink is exactly as you like it!

The Miele CM5200 Espresso Machine is a worthwhile investment for any coffee lover. And anyone who makes a regular trip to their neighborhood coffee shop can expect to pay off their machine in about two years. From then out, just think of the savings!

Learn more about the 5 Year Extended Warranty, integrated cup warmer, and prompts for replenishment of coffee beans and water HERE!

Compare the three Miele CM Espresso Machines HERE!

Any thoughts?

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