Compare Miele S8 Canister Vacuums

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is an important task. Not only is this an appliance you’ll use often, it’s also a vital investment in the health of your family. At Central Vacuum Stores, we encourage our customers to research their options to ensure they make the best choice. And because so many of them decide on one of Miele’s fine products, we’ve created a comparison tool dedicated just to it!

Miele vacuums are divided into categories with similar standard features. The S2, S4, S5, S6, S7, and S8 series each house multiple vacuums with an assortment of extras and benefits. Their newest line of canister vacuums can be found in the S8 Series. Below, we’re comparing each S8 against each other to help you pick the perfect vacuum for your family.

2017 Update:

The S8 Series has been re-named by Miele. It is now called the Complete C3 Series. All models and features are the same.

Miele S8 Calima Vacuum
Miele S8 Alize Vacuum
Miele S8 Kona Vacuum
Miele S8 Cat & Dog Vacuum
Cat & Dog
Miele S8 Marin
Miele S8 UniQ Vacuum

All S8 canister vacuums feature Miele’s Sealed System™ construction, 4.76 quart AirClean Dustbag with flap for dust-free removal, and an Active HEPA Filter. This combination is what makes these vacuums so great for homeowners with allergies, asthma, or any other breathing issue. Unlike standard vacuum cleaners, Miele’s Sealed System™ locks away dirt and dust throughout the vacuum process and completely removes it from your home.

Launching from this base point, you can be certain that any S8 model you choose will be a quality machine. But each model includes different features designed for different owners, most notably, the floor brushes. By choosing a model based on the floor brush package that best cleans the floors in your home, you’re certain to select the correct vacuum.

Miele Floor Brush Types:

Model-By-Model Comparisons

The S8 Calima in the side-park position
Side-park position

The S8 Calima includes the Turbobrush (STB205-3) and Parquet Twister (SBB300-3). Both floor brushes are suitable for hard surface flooring and low pile carpeting. If your home has hard surface flooring and some low pile carpeting, then the Calima may be a good choice for you. The Calima has a non-electric hose.

  • The Calima is the least expensive S8 model
  • Includes all standard S8 features
Alize handle spotlight
Handle spotlight

The S8 Alize includes the AirteQ Combo Floor Tool (SBD650-3) designed for hard surface flooring and low pile carpeting. If the majority of your home has tile, laminate, wood, or other hard surface flooring and perhaps a few low pile area rugs, then the Alize would be a good fit. The Alize has a non-electric hose.

  • The Alize is the only S8 vacuum to feature a spotlight in the handle
  • Automatic Suction Setting
  • Change Filter Indicator Light
  • Automatic Standby Switch in Rear Park
The Kona in the parked position
The Kona in the parked position

The S8 Kona includes the Electro Plus Electrobrush (SEB228) and the Parquet Twister (SBB300-3.) Because the Kona has an electric hose, the Electrobrush can be used on low-medium pile carpeting. while the Parquet Twister can be used on any hard surface. If your home has some hard surface flooring and some low-medium carpeting, the Kona is a great choice.

  • On/Off Control on the handle
  • The Kona has an electric hose and electric stainless steel telescopic wand
Miele Hand-Held Turbobrush
Hand-Held Turbobrush to eliminate fur on upholstery

The S8 Cat & Dog is designed specifically for pet owners. It includes an Electro Plus Electrobrush (SEB228), Parquet Twister (SBB300-3), and is the only unit to include a Hand-Held Turbobrush (STB 101.) If you have pets and battle shedding, the electric hose adds extra power to deep clean fur and dander from low to medium pile carpeting, hard surfaces, and upholstered furniture. 

  • Hand-Held Turbobrush to clean upholstery
  • On/Off Control on the handle
  • The Cat & Dog has an electric hose and electric stainless steel telescopic wand
The Marin featuring the SEB 228 for medium pile carpeting
The Marin featuring the SEB 228 for medium pile carpeting

The S8 Marin includes the Electro Premium Electrobrush (SEB236) and a Parquet Twister hard-floor tool. This is such a popular vacuum because of the incredibly powerful carpet powerhead. The SEB236 is ideal for homes with low, medium, high, or plush carpeting and hard floors. 

  • On/Off Control on the handle
  • The Marin has an electric hose and electric stainless steel telescopic wand
  • Automatic Suction Setting
  • Automatic Standby Switch in Rear Park
  • Change Filter Indicator
  • Different carpet tool packages to fit your home
Miele S8 UniQ underbody lights
Underbody lights only found on the Brilliant

The S8 Brilliant is just as it sounds…Brilliant! The Brilliant includes the XL 16-inch wide head Parquet Twister floor brush (SBB400-3) for fast cleaning of large, open hard surface flooring. Better still, it includes the SBD285-3 All TeQ Combination smooth/carpet floor tool as well as the best Miele carpet tool, the Electro Premium Electrobrush (SEB236.) The Brilliant is well suited for any home with hard surface floors and any type of carpeting that requires a deep clean. 

But what really sets this unit apart are the exceptional, one-of-a-kind features like velvet trimmed bumper strip, LED lighting underneath the body and in the parking system, and the incredible warranty program.

S8 Miele UniQ handle
Full controls located conveniently in the handle

Comparing the Miele S8 Series side-by-side can be truly helpful in identifying the best canister for your home.

FULL COMPARISON CHART including all standard S8 features

Any thoughts?

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