Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

Owning a pet can be an extremely rewarding experience. That’s not to say, however, that they don’t require some serious maintenance. Forget about the emergency trip to the vet thanks to a half eaten box of drywall screws or the time you had to offer a clean pair of pants to a dinner guest who sat in a hairball; I’m talking about the daily maintenance that all pet owners face: the constant cleaning.

Our customers with carpeting know just how tricky it can be to keep pet fur and dander at bay. That’s why we receive so many calls and emails about the Miele Cat & Dog S7 Upright Vacuum. Folks think it’s just too good to be true…a vacuum designed specifically for their needs! Well, believe it!

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum
The Miele S7 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog considers the pet owner at every turn. The 1200 watt motor is powerful enough to vacuum pet hair from the base of your carpet fibers, up.

Once collected, the electrostatically charged HyClean bags and Active Air Charcoal filter work in tandem with Miele’s patented Sealed System to keep odors and debris confined within the vacuum. This means, as the vacuum exhausts air while in use, contaminants such as dander, dust, and other harmful allergens aren’t being recirculated back into your home. And because the filter is composed of proven odor eliminating charcoal, neither is the stinky pet smell!

Miele STB 101 Hand Turbo Mini Brush 07252850
The mini turbo-brush to powerfully vacuum small spaces!

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog also includes exceptional attachments to better clean your pet-friendly home. Starting with the three standard tools, the Natural Bristle Dusting Brush, Upholstery Nozzle, and Extra-long Crevice Tool, most surfaces in your home are cared for.

But because Miele understands the special needs of pet owners, they also include the STB101 Hand held Turbo Brush. This small but powerful brush is perfect for cleaning tough upholstery jobs, stairs or small carpeted areas, and even car interiors or pet beds.

Miele S7  Hose and Wand
Miele S7 Hose and Wand

Each of these tools are utilized using the 12 foot flexible hose and lightweight, telescopic, stainless steel wand. Combined with the 39 foot power cord, you’re working with a 54 foot cleaning radius. That means more vacuuming with less unplugging!

Additionally, the easy-to-read rotary dial helps you select the correct amount of power for the task at hand. Choose from full 1200 watts for your carpeting all the way to 300 watts for draperies.

miele-s7-handle-down-125The Miele S7 offers more than just pet cleaning tools. It’s also designed to make the pet parent happy! The lightweight body and front caster wheels that rotate 360-degrees make the unit easy to push, even across dense carpeting. And the exclusive SwivelNeck design allows steering in all directions. The SwivelNeck gives the machine such incredible maneuverability that the S7 can even be laid flat to the floor for cleaning hard to reach places like under furniture. And you’ll love the anti-tipping device which keeps the unit upright, even as Fido sniffs it out!

All of these innovative details are just the tip of the iceberg. You’re also investing in one of the leading vacuum manufacturers in the world. With the German-engineered interior workings and absolute quality control of their production, owning a Miele is like owning a work of art. Call us to learn more at 1-800-221-8227 or visit http://www.centralvacuumstores.com/vacuums/Uprights/Full-Size/S7260-Cat-and-Dog.php to view the full product page.

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