Garage Attachment Sets For Central Vacuum Systems – A Must Have!

You’re familiar, no doubt, with what I call the twenty-minute surface-swipe. This is the name I have designated for that scenario when you have twenty minutes before guests arrive to run around like Richard Simmons on espresso trying to make your home presentable. Toys being shoved into closets, a pile of laundry being stuffed under the bed, a quick spritz of Windex on the bathroom mirror and a swipe of the sink…I have absolutely mastered this frenzied routine.

Utilize different attachment sets for different needs!
Designate different attachment sets for different needs!

My final two tasks are always the same: a good vacuum of the living spaces and the lighting of a scented candle. Recently, in the final moments of just such a chaos, I ran to the garage to gather the central vacuum hose, plugged it in, and began my hurried maneuvers. As I finished up in the kitchen I notice a strange occurrence: large piles of sawdust and dirt trailing behind me over my freshly vacuumed floor. Then I remembered…my husband used the central vacuum on a project in the garage this past weekend.

Garage Attachment Sets
Central Vacuum Garage Attachment Sets

Reader, I’m ashamed to say, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Our central vacuum system is constantly being used to tidy up his woodworking and building projects. But the very saw dust, drywall dust, grinding dust, or whatever else kind of dust he’s cleaning off his work surface is left behind on the hose and brushes. We installed the central vacuum for the convenience and effortless vacuuming, but certainly we were missing something here. And we were. What we really needed was a designated garage attachment set.

A central vacuum system is such a great fit for garage or workbench cleaning. That’s why so many professionals install commercial units in their workshops. But using the same brush that just cleaned a freshly sanded cabinet on your bathroom tile is silly. Or imagine the vacuum hose that was just laying in an oil spot on your garage floor being pulled across your carpeting…Ah!

Electrolux Electrolux CV101C Basic Barefloor Set - 060735
The Electrolux CV101C Basic Barefloor Set – 060735

At Central Vacuum Stores, we’re committed to bringing you exceptional attachment sets to meet any need. Take a look at our Garage Attachment Sets or call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with a representative about the best fit for you like the affordable Electrolux CV101C Basic Barefloor Set!

I’ve promised myself no more dusty vacuum hoses! This next birthday, my favorite craftsman is getting his very own attachment set. Little does he know…it’s really a gift for me!

Any thoughts?

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