Central Vacuum Retractable Hoses

Installing a central vacuum system in your home adds value and convenience. A central vacuum system is also a perfect solution for homeowners with pets, children, or health concerns. Because the power unit is kept away from the living spaces, vacuuming is less disruptive and exhausted air isn’t recirculated back into the home. Additionally, the optional accessories and attachments allow you to customize your system to match your needs.

The hose is stored in and retracted into the wall!
The hose is stored in and retracted into the wall!

One such option is the addition of a retractable hose. A retractable central vacuum hose is stored within the walls of your home. When it’s time to vacuum, simply pull the hose from the wall, attach your powerhead and vacuum away! Finished your task? The hose is retracted back into the wall for easy storage.

Our customers absolutely love the addition of a retractable hose. These can be easily installed in new construction but also in existing systems, as well. We offer two variations of the retractable hoses at Central Vacuum Stores. Both systems are designed for specific customers.

For Homes With Hard Floors, Area Rugs, & Low Pile Carpeting:

With the Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System, each inlet valve has a hose hidden within the system´s own vacuum tubing. When you’re finished, cover the hose end with your hand and the suction from the central vacuum unit retracts the hose back into the wall. The Hide-A-Hose system is designed for non-electric hoses and attachments. This means, we recommend this system for homes with hard surface flooring, area rugs, and low pile carpeting. 

Take a look at this brief video for a demonstration:

Because homes with plush, high pile carpeting require an electric powerhead to best vacuum their floors, this system is not recommended for use in those homes. However, if you use a pigtail powerhead, you can get away with using the Hide-A-Hose on thick carpeting.

We have found the system works best with a True-Cyclonic central vacuum system. The Hide-A-Hose system is available in 40 FT. or 50 FT hose kits.

To learn more about the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose, VISIT HERE!

For Homes With Carpeting

Homes with carpeting require more powerful cleaning instruments such as an electric powerhead. With this in mind, Doc It Automatic Hose Management by CanaVac created a retractable hose system designed for electric hoses. Similar to the Hide-A-Hose, the Doc It is installed right within your walls. Although it’s easier to install this system during new construction, we were able to install the Doc It right into our existing showroom construction!

The Doc IT Automated Hose Management System by CanaVac
We installed the Doc It in our showroom and used plexiglass to demonstrate the interior workings.
The Doc IT Automated Hose Management System by CanaVac
The hose is stored perfectly between two standard studs.

CanaVac’s Doc It System is available in:

The Doc IT Automated Hose Management System by CanaVac
The handle is also stored within the wall and features automatic functions.

The feature customers enjoy most about the Doc It is the electric retractable hose handle. Unlike the Hide-A-Hose (requiring you  to carry a handle from hose to hose) the Doc It stores the handle within the wall. It also features at-hand controls and automatic retraction.

This is all thanks to the electric functionality of this system. Not only does it give you more power to deep clean your carpets, it also adds a real convenience of use.

To learn more about the Doc It Hose Management System, VISIT HERE!

A retractable hose system is truly a case of one innovation making another innovation even better! Call the folks at Central Vacuum Stores for help on choosing the correct system for you at 1-800-221-8227.

Any thoughts?

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