Best Vacuum For Pets and Carpet: Miele S7260 Cat & Dog

Many pet parents today are opting for hard flooring and for good reason. Vacuuming fur from a hard surface is certainly easier and leaves little room for dander to hide. And cleaning the occasional stain from tile or laminate can’t be beat. But today’s better vacuums have made carpeting more pet friendly than ever and Central Vacuum Stores has the perfect solution for your home.

If your home has a lot of carpeting (say in the bedrooms or living areas) with minimal hard surfaces, you really want a powerful upright vacuum. Upright vacuums are designed to clean low to high pile carpeting and usually offer larger dustbags to allow for more cleaning time with less change-outs. They also feature larger motors to deep clean carpeting and really dig into the base of the fibers.

But owning pets AND carpeting is a whole different ball game. You need powerful, deep cleaning vacuum power, odor elimination, and added accessories to properly care for your home. The folks at Miele have the answer!

Miele S7260 Cat & Dog
The Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog S7260 Upright Vacuum is designed for pet owners from the inside out. The 1200 watt vortex motor is powerful enough to clean even thick carpeting and provides the suction to tackle tough pet fur.

It also features the extra large, electrostatically charged 5.45 qt HyClean Dustbag. The spring loaded sealing system allows the bag to be changed without dust and dander spilling out.

Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter
Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter

As you vacuum, air is exhausted from the unit back into your home. As pet fur and dander build within the vacuum bag, the unit begins to emit an odor. Many pet parents understand the frustration of a stinky vacuum. Considering every aspect of of pet ownership, the Miele S7 Cat & Dog includes the Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter. This filter contains a specialized charcoal cassette for absorbing strong odors. Charcoal is used in cat litters, garbage disposal containers, and air filtration systems and has long been proven to clean and deodorize air.

Another exceptional feature is the included STB101 Hand Held Turbo Brush. This compact, rotating brush is designed specifically to clean upholstery and small areas of carpeting like stairs. Pet owners find this tool indispensable in removing fur from pet beds, comforters, and car interiors.

Additional Features:

  • miele-s7-handle-down-125Lay flat, low profile design
  • Extra long 54 foot cleaning radius
  • On board attachments including Natural Bristle Dusting Brush, Upholstery Nozzle, Extra-long Crevice Tool, Lightweight, Telescopic, Stainless Steel Wand
  • Headlamp to light the cleaning path
  • Swivel-neck for maximum maneuverability
  • Automatic carpet height adjustmentMiele-S7260-Cat-Dog-Cleanin
  • Dustbag change indicator
  • Automatic dustbag lock
  • Safety shut-off on overheating
  • Rotary Dial to regulate suction
  • 12-foot flexible hose

Purchasing a standard vacuum to clean your carpeted home is a waste of time and money. You need a vacuum designed just for your pet. Learn more about the Miele S7 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum HERE or call our knowledgeable staff at 1-800-221-8227.

Any thoughts?

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