Dry Dust Mop Vacuum Attachments

When I was in college I regularly babysat for a family who lived in a community near my campus. Well known as a much desired location, the homes within this development were really beautiful. What I remember most about this particular house was the grand entryway. Extra high ceilings, beautiful molding, and an exquisite chandelier greeted my every entrance. Oddly enough, it was the homeowner’s least favorite room.

I learned a valuable lesson in that foyer. The gorgeous espresso, hardwood floors I always admired were actually a nightmare to keep clean. Turns out, they show absolutely every crumb, every foot print, every piece of fur, and every fleck of microscopic dust. And using a wet mop to clean its beautiful lines only left streaks and spots against the dark finish. What was really needed was a Dry Dust Mop Vacuum Attachment.

CV Stores DustUp Microfiber Fringe Dry Dust Mop
CV Stores DustUp Microfiber Fringe Dry Dust Mop – 13 inch

Using a dust mop attached to your vacuum cleaner is the best way to guarantee a streak-free clean on hard surface flooring. Especially necessary for those areas in your home that don’t see much traffic.

Formal dining and living spaces or not often used guest bathrooms can collect more dust than dirt. Instead of getting out a messy bucket and mop, simply attach one of these incredible microfiber dry mop tools to your vacuum and clean away!

These dry mop dusters attach to standard 1 1/4 vacuum wands making them perfect for central vacuum owners as well as many canister vacuum units. You’ll love the way the polyester and nylon fibers clean, dust, and polish your hard wood and tile. Additionally, the mops can be washed and replaced.

These CV Stores Dry Dust Mops are available in three sizes, 13, 14, and 16 inches as well as different shapes and prices to meet different needs. Take a look at each option and choose the best tool for your floors!

CV Stores Manta Dry Dust Mop - 16 inch
CV Stores Manta Dry Dust Mop – 16 inch
CV Stores Dry Dust Mop - 14 inch
CV Stores Dry Dust Mop – 14 inch

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