Sebo X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum Cleaner

We spoke to a customer recently who struggled with choosing the correct vacuum cleaner. The typical categories just didn’t fit for this homeowner. While they didn’t have any pets or allergies, they were concerned with air quality. And while they had a lot of carpeting in the bedrooms and den, the formal rooms and kitchen were tile. What was the best option to meet both spectrums? We guided her in the direction of the Sebo X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Sebo Vacuum CleanerWhat makes the Sebo X4 so “Automatic” is the electronic adjusting roller brush that senses the type of flooring being cleaned and changes its height accordingly. Sebo X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum CleanerThis incredibly innovative feature allows you to transition from carpeting to hard flooring without thinking twice. No need to adjust the height, no need to change the power level. The Automatic X4 does it for you!

But the “smart” features don’t end there. The same internal network monitoring your continual movements also controls a warning system that alerts the user to clogs, worn brushes, a full bag, and obstructions to the brush roller. In addition, it will shut the vacuum down automatically if it detects a problem that might damage the motor or belts. This makes owning the Sebo X4 to be near carefree!

Sebo X4 Automatic Upright Vacuum CleanerThe Sebo X4 also features an instant-use wand and suction hose built directly on the unit.  As soon as you remove the wand or hose, they’re ready to use. The suction hose is ideal for cleaning furniture and the eight foot wand makes reaching ceilings and fans no problem. And you’ll love the automatic stationary status feature. If you are using the tools and the vacuum is standing still in the upright handle locked position, the power head will automatically adjust itself up until the spinning roller brush is not touching the floor.

The Sebo X4 Automatic Upright vacuum cleaner is available in four, stylish colors and qualifies for free shipping. To learn more about Sebo products, visit our website or call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with a specialist.

Any thoughts?

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