Inlet Installation Kit Builder And Discount Coupon Code

When it comes time to replace your central vacuum parts or install a new system, you’ll need to determine what type of inlets you have or need. Below is a handy guide to help you along the way. And, to entice you even further, we’ve included a coupon code to provide you with a 15% discount.

What Type Of Inlet Should I Buy? What Type Of Inlet Do I Have?
  • Standard Inlets

These inlets feature two metal contacts that power the system. Also, your hose will have a metal band surrounding the piece that enters the inlet (this transfers the electricity.)

Standard Inlets Usually used for installations in existing structures

  • Direct-Connect Electric Inlets

Direct connect inlets feature a plug & prong design. The inlet itself will house a two-hole plug and the hose will have a two-prong connector. This is your electric connection.


What Type Of Pipe Do I Need?
  • Central Vacuum Specific Piping

When purchasing a complete central vacuum installation kit from Central Vacuum Stores, we can supply all your ASTM Certified vacuum piping (building code certified central vacuum pipe stamped from the manufacturer with the ASTM F2158 certification.) The kits ship in 5ft lengths with couplers included.


  • 2X2 Adaptors To Fit Plumbing PVC Piping

Central Vacuum Stores’ owner, Roger Ambrose, created and patented a 2×2 adaptor that will connect your central vacuum system components (inlets, power unit, etc.) to standard PVC plumbing pipe. PVC plumbing pipe can be readily found at most home improvement stores. Our 2×2 adaptor connects plumbing PVC to vacuum PVC pipe in such a way that the plumbing pipe and the vacuum pipe actually fit snuggly into each end of the adaptor creating a smooth interior wall.

2x2 Central Vacuum Adaptor

Coupon Square

Ready to get started on your custom central vacuum installation? Use our interactive builder to pick and choose each of the components your installation will require.


Be sure to use Coupon Code: Pipekit at checkout to save 15% off your installation kit!

Any thoughts?

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