iStock_000022118400XSmallFive Steps To Picking The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Shopping for a new vacuum can be overwhelming. You want to make the best choice and stay within budget, but how can you navigate through the different brands, models, and styles? How do you know which vacuum is the best fit for your home?

Have no fear…we’ve organized five simple steps to help you narrow down your selection and find the perfect vacuum cleaner. Click on each link below to learn more about our step-by-step guide.

Step One: Let Your Flooring Type Decide Your Vacuum Type

Step Two: Take A Look At Any Special Needs

Step Three: Is A Central Vacuum Right For Me?

Step Four: Budget For What’s Important

Step Five: Educating Yourself On Quality

For more help on choosing the right vacuum, contact our team of experts at 1-800-221-8227. Central Vacuum Stores has been a leader in the vacuum industry since 1948. Our helpful website features DIY videos, exclusive information, and everything you need to choose, purchase, and maintain your vacuum cleaner!

3 thoughts on “How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner: Five Steps To Picking The Right One

  1. I always wanted to buy a central vacuum cleaner, but never had any idea about it. till now i stick to my Hoover floormate spinscrub vacuum cleaner, but now i think its time to move on and get hold of a central vacuum cleaner. And obviously you have helped me a lot to finally make this decision, i will update you once i get one, thanks to you guys.

  2. My house has a mix of hardwood and tile flooring and several area rugs. The upright vacuum works great on the rugs, no question, but not as well on the hardwood. I’ll look into canister facuums. Thanks for the article!

    1. That’s great to hear! A canister cleaner will be a really welcome change. Be sure to choose one that features an electric powerhead to properly clean your carpeting and rugs. There’s a brand new Miele canister on the market that is affordable and offers incredible filtration. Check out the Miele Compact C2 Electro+ here:

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