How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner: Step Five

Step Five: Educating Yourself On Quality

If we told you that a Bentley Continental was the same car as a Ford Pinto, clearly, you would know that wasn’t the case. Equally, you wouldn’t expect the two cars to cost the same amount. This is just as true in the vacuum world.

Some vacuums have established a name for quality, durability, and innovation and after sixty years of selling vacuum cleaners, we’ve come to learn what the best name-brands have to offer. So what vacuum brand do we most often recommend? The Miele.

compare-all-mieleCreated and headquartered out of Germany, Miele was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele. An early visionary, Miele invented and manufactured cream separators, butter churns, early washing-machine prototypes, and motors. In 1931, the company produced its first canister vacuum combining all they had learned about motors and fans. The units quickly gained popularity and models featuring new inventions such as special cleaning attachments and rubber bumpers became world famous.

The life of a MieleMiele’s motto, “Immer Besser” which means “forever better” has guided the company’s decision making since the beginning. In fact, the attention paid to every detail, the insistence on only high-quality components, and a unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is exactly why we so often recommend Miele products.

Miele offers upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Their wide assortment of canister cleaners are popular for both hard floor and carpeted homes thanks to the variety of exceptional powerhead options.

miele-S8-cat-and-dog-14Perhaps what truly sets Miele apart is their 12-Stage Filtration process. As air is vacuumed into the unit, dirt, debris, and air are filtered through twelve steps in both the bag and separate filter before being exhausted back into your home. This eliminates harmful allergens and microscopic dust being processed back into the room as you vacuum. Miele also offers different filters to tackle different needs such as the charcoal infused filter for pet odors and the HEPA verified filter for allergy or asthma sufferers.

The Miele S8 Cat & Dog designed for pet owners!
The Miele S8 Cat & Dog designed for pet owners!

Miele offers models ranging in price from moderate to expensive. However, the reason so many homeowners end up deciding on a Miele is because of their exceptional value, proven durability, and warrantied units.

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