How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner: Step One

Step One: Let Your Flooring Type Decide Your Vacuum Type

First and foremost, you need to determine the type of flooring you’ll be vacuuming. A home with wall-to-wall carpeting has far different needs than that of a home with hard wood.

  • Upright vacuums for carpet.Lots Of Carpeting  Homes with carpeting require lots of suction, a carpet-specific powerhead, and the right maneuverability. We recommend choosing an upright style vacuum cleaner. These tend to have larger motors and electric, rotating beater bars to separate and refresh carpet fibers. You can also choose from central vacuum systems offering electric, carpet powerheads.
  • Learn more about central vacuum units for carpeting HERE!
  • Learn more about choosing a vacuum for carpeting AND pets HERE!
  • Look at our wide selection of upright vacuums for carpet HERE!
Expert's Choice:
Miele S7 Twist Upright featuring lay-flat design and quiet operation
Imperium CV3200 Central Vacuum System with Signature Electric Powerhead
  • Canister vacuums for hard floorsLots Of Hard Flooring – Homes with hard surface flooring like tile, laminate, or hard wood require a barefloor brush, soft bristle tools, and skid-proof wheels or bumper guards. We love a canister vacuum cleaner for your hardfloor home. These units glide easily and tend to be lightweight. Additionally, any central vacuum system will work for hard floors. Any of these options will also clean area rugs and low pile carpets just fine.
  • Learn more about central vacuum systems HERE!
  • Learn more about hard floor accessories HERE!
  • Look at our wide selection of canister vacuums HERE!
Expert's Choice:
Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team including the Parquet Hard Floor tool
Fakir S-200T including a Premium Combination tool
Imperium CV280 Signature Basic Barefloor central vacuum system
  • Combination Hard Flooring and Carpeting – Most homes have some rooms with carpeting and some rooms with hard floors. This combination it tricky because you have to meet both needs. The best option is to choose a vacuum that best cleans your carpeting and offers an attachment for hard floors. However, if you’re in a two story home, we often recommend choosing a canister vacuum as they’ll be lightweight and easier to carry.
  • Look at our wide selection of upright vacuums for carpet HERE!
  • Learn more about Miele Canisters for carpeting and hard floors HERE!
Expert's Choice:
Sebo D4 Premium Black Onyx with onboard attachments and five year warranty
Sanitaire SC785AT Lightweight Upright with automatic height adjustment

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Any thoughts?

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