How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner: Step Three

Step Three: Is A Central Vacuum Right For Me?

electrolux_112Perhaps it’s time to consider putting an end to purchasing a new vacuum cleaner every several years. Installing a central vacuum system, even in existing construction, is easier than you may think. A central vacuum system contains a vacuum power unit typically mounted in an inconspicuous location such as a basement, garage, or mudroom. From the power unit, vacuum pipes are installed within the walls, through an attic, or underneath a home and end in inlets installed throughout your house.

Owning a central vacuum system comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Because the power unit is located away from common living spaces, vacuuming becomes quieter and less disruptive (great for pets and children.)
  • Unlike traditional cleaners that exhaust suctioned air as you vacuum, a central vacuum system pulls all air & dirt to the power unit and away from living areas without exhausting air back into your home (great for homeowners with allergies or asthma.)
  • When it comes to powerheads, the possibilities are endless. Keep the carpet powerhead upstairs with the carpeted bedrooms and the bare floor brush downstairs with the tiled kitchen and hard wood living areas. A central vacuum system is a perfect solution for homes with multiple floor types.
  • Because you attach the vacuum hose into each suction inlet, you no longer need to tote around a heavy appliance (great for homeowners with disabilities, the elderly, or multiple story properties.)
  • Central vacuum systems are also a quality investment in your home, adding to the resale value. Buyers love custom additions!
Expert's Choice:
Imperium Central Vacuum Systems feature affordable models and are made in the USA

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