Sanitaire Vacuums & Repair Parts

In television and movies, you often see a scene of a dedicated worker laboring into the wee hours. This individual sits at their desk looking harried and stressed and sure enough, the night cleaning crew comes in to clean the office indicating the lateness of the hour. It’s a familiar theme that anyone who’s worked in the corporate world understands: if you’re still there when the vacuums come on…it’s time to go home!

After a long day working in customer service, I always envied the night cleaning crew. I think there would be something really peaceful about cleaning a silent, emptied office. No one to disturb you; no customers or phone calls demanding your attention; no noise at all but the sound of a powerful vacuum maneuvering around desks and filing cabinets. Who said burning the midnight oil had to be a bad thing?

Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Professional cleaning companies don’t just have the corner on the tranquil work-environment market, they also only use the best tools available. And in that arsenal of quality cleaning supplies is the line of Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaners.

Sanitaire vacuum cleaners are world renowned for their durability and versatility. Designed with commercial use in mind, the Sanitaire vacuum is reliable enough to take the daily wear-and-tear of long hours, transportation, and large scale usage.

Replacing dingy rollers is easy with Sanitaire!
Replacing dingy rollers is easy with Sanitaire!

But the key reason professionals rely on Sanitaire vacuums is the strong focus on easy maintenance. Vacuums used in homes are operated maybe five times a week and for only a short amount of time (depending on the size of the house.) But commercial units are needed for several hour spans, multiple times a day, and often seven days a week. This puts a lot of strain on frequently warn parts such as belts, rollers, or dust bags. (Shop for Sanitaire parts HERE!)

Sanitaire understood this and thus designed vacuum cleaners that allowed for easy access to key parts as well as straightforward replacement steps. This way, a commercial cleaning company is able to save money by performing common maintenance without professional help. Dollars are also saved by extending the life of the vacuum unit. Your Sanitaire is working hard for you!

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