Spring Cleaning: Five Steps To Better Clean Your Home!

As Winter begins to subside a strange phenomena takes hold. Though you would think the time spent indoors during those long cold days would have been filled with useful cleaning, it’s just never quite the case. Instead, as that welcome sun starts to shine a little brighter, it only showcases the fact that your windows are dingy, your carpets are stained, and the dust collected on your ceiling fans resembles January’s blizzard.

You’re not alone, of course. I think that’s exactly how the term “Spring Cleaning” came about. It takes one sunny day to reveal dusty upholstery and dingy hard flooring and housewives across the world flock to their cleaning supplies. That’s why Central Vacuum Stores has taken the time to collect our five favorite cleaning tools to make tidying up your home this spring a little easier!

Spring Cleaning Tool #1: The Right Vacuum!

This is an ENORMOUS topic. Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home requires a look into several factors.

Miele Upright Vacuums
Miele’s S7 line of upright vacuums are an excellent choice for carpeted homes.

Homes with lots of carpeting require a vacuum with lots of suction and the appropriate powerhead. We recommend an upright vacuum like the Miele S7 Twist or the Sebo XS Automatic Onyx Upright. Upright vacuums are best for cleaning carpeting because of the powerful beater-bars and large capacity dust bags. But even better still, a central vacuum system featuring an electric power head allows for powerful cleaning and limited maintenance.

Fakir S-200 Canister Vacuum
A canister vacuum makes for easy maneuvering along hard floors.

Homes with lots of hard flooring may not demand the same rotating bristles as their carpeted friends, but they still have specific needs. A home with tile or hard wood requires a vacuum unit with a soft-bristle, hard floor brush and specific wheels designed to be skid proof. We love the Fakir S-200 Flight Series Canister and the Miele S6 Quartz.

If you’re considering installing a central vacuum system or already have one in your home, Spring is the perfect time to replace your bare-floor brush. Did you know over time bacteria and dust can build up on your bristles? Gross! Time for a new one!

Spring Cleaning Tool #2: Steamy Hot Cleaning!

I cannot endorse steam cleaning enough! 

  1. Steam cleaning removes the need for dangerous chemicals, making your home safer for children, babies, and pets.
  2. Extra hot steam kills bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful allergens better than traditional cleaning products.
  3. Cleaning with steam is better for the environment by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and paper towels.
  4. Steam is safe to use on most surfaces, saving you money on purchasing assorted cleaners for each room.
A steam cleaner from Reliable can be as multi-purpose as your imagination!
A steam cleaner from Reliable can be as multi-purpose as your imagination!

Our line of Reliable Steam products feature both innovation and style. Imagine one cleaning tool tackling your windows, tile grout, floors, countertops, upholstery, and bedding, all while disinfecting and refreshing. 

Reliable offers a line of Steam Mops specifically for floor cleaning as well as multi-purpose units to sanitize your whole home. We also love to recommend the Reliable Pronto P7 Handheld Steam Gun to powerfully clean small surfaces and fabrics.

Spring Cleaning Tool #3: De-clutter, De-stress!

Household Essentials 630 Small Vision Box Coffee Linen
Being able to easily see what’s inside makes finding your items a breeze!

Recent studies have proven organizing and de-cluttering your home can lead to better emotional health. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to better organize your home and add some much-needed order to chaos!

A great place to start your clean-up quest is in your closets. Try these awesome, clear-front storage boxes to better organize your winter clothes or less used items. Household Essentials also offers a series of plate and stemware storage solutions to better keep your holiday china! ML-6688The possibilities are endless with Household Essentials!

Spring Cleaning Tool #4: Not Your Mother’s Gadgets!

Now, I am not an advocate for buying gadgets for the sake of buying gadgets. But every now and then I see something that is so genius, so practical, I put it on the must-have list.

CV Stores Plantation Shutter Blind Attachment
CV Stores Plantation Shutter Blind Attachment

This nifty attachment connects directly to a standard vacuum hose (1 1/4″) to help you quickly and efficiently clean all the plantation shutters in your home. The soft bristles help to stir dust and dirt on each row while the suction from your vacuum whisks it away. Cleaning your window treatments has never been faster or easier!

The CV Stores Vac Pan
The CV Stores Vac Pan

Every family has their share of messes but homes with kids or pets seem to never stay clean, especially the kitchen or mudroom. With that in mind, the CV Stores Vac Pan was designed to “sweep” up those everyday disasters as soon as they happen! 

vacuflo_7742_1 This baseboard vacuum sweep connects to your central vacuum system. Simply open the vent and the vacuum power is activated. Anything you sweep near the opening is suctioned away. Flip the switch, and the power is off!

CV Stores Pet Hair Lifter
CV Stores Pet Hair Lifter

Pet owners always struggle with the best way to remove pet fur from upholstered furniture. With the CV Stores Pet Hair Lifter, the task is simple. The special spongy material helps grab and lift even fine pet hair left by your cat and dog. And because it doesn’t require any moisture, it’s safe to use on delicate fabrics, too.

After you’ve dusted, cleaned, or de-furred any area you wish, simply clean the Pet Hair Lifter using water and let dry. It can be used again and again!

Spring Cleaning Tool #5: Make This Year Green!

Perhaps part of your New Year resolution included a fresh commitment to environmentally conscious living or perhaps you just want to do away with toxins in your home. Whatever the case, using “green” cleaning products is a great way to establish an Earth friendly routine. Check out these fabulous cleaners featuring a phosphate-free, streak-free, and biodegradable solution and no 2-butoxyethanol, alcohol, or ammonia. And because there are no dangerous chemicals, they’re safe to use on any surface, even toys or baby products!

Green Logic Glass and Surface Cleaner 32oz
Green Logic Glass and Surface Cleaner 32oz
Green Logic Surfactant-Based Degreaser 32oz
Green Logic Surfactant-Based Degreaser 32oz
Green Logic Odor Neutralizer 32oz
Green Logic Odor Neutralizer 32oz

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore with these five helpful hints. Get your home in order this season with these simple solutions and make your way into warmer weather with a fresh start.

Any thoughts?

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