Miele Vacuum Replacement Bags & Filters

The date is fast approaching. Sometime in the very near future, I will be having a baby. While there’s no set equation to this sort of thing, you certainly have a target week or so that you know stuff will have to happen. As such, I’ve begun that age-old ritual commonly known as nesting. On my to-do list is preparing frozen meals, stocking up on hand sanitizer, and trying to do as many of my common chores in advance as possible. One of these chores involves the regular maintenance of our home appliances. I’ve changed the water filter in the refrigerator, tested the batteries in the smoke detectors, and now, all that’s left to care for is the Miele.

Maintaining your Miele vacuum cleaner is a vital necessity. Obviously, you’re aware of the excellence of the unit because you purchased from one of the leading vacuum manufacturers in the world. So it only makes sense that you would want to keep it running clean and extend its life. The regular upkeep of the specialized Miele filters and bags is the easiest way to accomplish this!

Find Parts, Bags, And Filters For Your Miele

We make finding your replacement bags & filters simple. If you don’t know the type or model of your necessary parts, you can search our database by Miele vacuum model or even by Miele vacuum color!

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Maintaining Your Miele Filter


Active Air Clean


The beauty of the Miele vacuum cleaner is the unmatched air filtration quality. Owners with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues are often referred to Miele vacuums by their medical professionals due to the advanced HEPA filtration. Additionally, homeowners with pets can’t believe the odor reducing quality of the charcoal, Active Air Clean filters.

To best maintain your Miele and to take advantage of their certified sealed system that captures dust and debris unlike any other vacuum, Miele recommends you change your filter every twelve months.

Miele Replacement Bags


A key part of Miele’s 12-Stage filtration is the highly efficient dirt bag. Miele bags are not only collecting dust and dirt, but also the first stage in cleaning and filtering the necessary exhausted air that circulates back into your home. By regularly changing your bags, the interior workings of your vacuum unit will remain clean and functioning smoothly.

Replacement bags are available in 4-Packs, 6-Packs, and jumbo 16-Packs.  

How often you change your Miele dirt bag depends on your use. Homes with pets will obviously fill a bag with pet fur and hair faster than a home without. Additionally, consider the square footage of your home when determining how many replacement bags you will need throughout a year.

Any thoughts?

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