Imperium Dust-Up Convex 18in Hard Floor Tool 55431

Life certainly moves at a fast pace. Just a few weeks ago I had time enough for daily tasks, I felt well rested, and my house was clean and tidy. What could have possibly changed in such a short amount of time? I had a baby.

The day-to-day trials of life with a newborn truly force you to prioritize your every minute. Should I use this nap time to wash bottles or take a shower? Start a load of laundry or try to get some rest? Finally return calls from friends and family or start a crock-pot meal for dinner? As such, certain things are bound to fall to the wayside. For me, this thing has been vacuuming.

Forget the fact that I don’t have the time to give my hard floors the good vacuum they so badly need, if you think I would potentially wake up a baby I just spent an hour trying to get to sleep with a noisy vacuum…you’re crazy! So, I’ve had to make some adjustments and I’m so glad I did!

Imperium Dust-Up Convex 18in Hard Floor Tool 55431
One tool to tackle two chores!

The Imperium Dust-Up Convex Hard Floor Tool is one gadget that solves two problems. The adjustable height, stainless steel wand is as sturdy as similar commercial products but features a unique 360° swivel neck to allow for better cleaning of residential nooks & crannies. The 18 inch wide cleaning path will help you clean even large, open floor plan homes in less time that you’d imagine!

But the real bonus to the Imperium Dust-Up Convex is the dual cleaning pads.

First, attach the Dry Dust pads to the Convex head and begin collecting even unseen dust and debris from your hard floors. These dry pads feature microfiber material perfect for holding dirt firmly on the surface. They attach easily to the board with velcro strips and are machine washable and ready to be used again & again!

Next, attach the Wet Clean pads to use with your favorite hard floor cleaner. (To view our quality cleaning solutions, CLICK HERE!) The slight texture on the wet clean pads allow for a effective cleaning of your floor surface without danger of scratching or damaging. The wet clean pads are also machine washable and designed to give you over 100 uses.

imperium_7061_4This product has been such a lifesaver for the floors in my home. On top of silent cleaning, it’s allowed me to tidy my floors without having to carry and pull a heavy vacuum cleaner. A true gift for a recovering new mom!

Call our team of cleaning specialists at 1-800-221-8227 to learn more about the Imperium Dust-Up Convex Hard Floor Tool and order yours today!

Any thoughts?

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