NuTone Recessed Ventilation Fans

As many of my readers know, my husband and I are in the middle of a complete renovation of our 1949 bungalow. And by, “in the middle,” I mean year six! Don’t let me complain too much. The truth is, it’s our hobby. It’s what we do together. So what if we went nine months without a kitchen? So what if we dance around assorted paint cans and caulking tubes every day? We’re not only in it for the finished product (though, dear God let there be a finished product) we’re in it for the memories made along the way.

Our current project involves the creation of a master en-suite. What was once a garage laundry room has now been transformed into the bathroom of our dreams…almost. We really would be done by now had it not been for the pesky interruption of our newborn son. Kids seriously have the worst timing.

NuTone Recessed Fan Light
The recessed can-light on the left is actually a bath fan! And because these NuTone fans are UL Listed, they can be placed directly over your shower or bath!

While we do have the majority finished in this new bathroom, we started first with a solid plan. From every square inch of tile to the exact placement of the wall sconces, we went in knowing what we wanted. And on my personal wish list was clean, contemporary, recessed lighting. Even for the ventilation fan!

These NuTone recessed bath fans are perfect for your new bath renovation. Not only does it solve the practical need for proper air & odor ventilation but it also fits seamlessly with the other lighting in the bath and bedroom.

The days of the oversized bath fan with its dingy grill plate are over. So too are the days of energy guzzling fixtures. NuTone brings you the option of selecting EnergyStar rated recessed fan lights or an LED bulb model. Both can save you money on your energy bill and are better for the environment.

Ventilation fans are such an important inclusion in any bathroom. The right bath fan will properly control the humidity in the room, keeping mold & mildew at bay. It also filters odors and keeps the small space fresh and circulated.

Recessed Ventilation FansIn my bathroom, I wanted a clean, cohesive look. Because the en-suite is attached to the master bedroom, it was important to me that the space feel like one. Especially because it’s not original to the home! This can be accomplished by choosing paint colors from the same family, matching baseboard and crown molding, and by using the same can-lighting. That’s why the recessed bath fan was so important! Plus, who wants an old fan aging a new space?

For more information on these NuTone recessed ventilation lights, contact our team at 1-800-221-8227 or visit HERE to compare your options.

744LEDNT Recessed Fan with LED Light

744NT Recessed Fan/Light

744FLNT Recessed Fan/Light Energy Star

Any thoughts?

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