Father’s Day Gift: Deluxe Car Care Kit!

This will be a particularly special Father’s Day for me. Not only do I get to celebrate my fantastic dad, but I also get to spread some love to my wonderful husband. Since the birth of our first child this Spring, life has been a little nutty. So I’m grateful for a holiday that encourages me to tell him what an incredible father he is (and, yes, forces me to actually slow down and say it.)

My plan for this first Father’s Day is to make a delicious breakfast featuring all his favorites, give him a break from diaper duty, and surprise him with a fun gift from our son (technically!) The first two are easy, but figuring out the perfect gift is a little more difficult. Good thing Central Vacuum Stores gave me an idea!

You can win a FREE Deluxe Car Care Kit here!

Imperium Deluxe Car Care Kit
Imperium Deluxe Car Care Kit including everything you need to make your General Lee shine!

This all inclusive set is a great gift for the dad who loves caring for his autos. It features…

Note: The Imperium Deluxe Car Care Kit features a crevice tool and hand held turbo-vac designed to connect to your central vacuum system. However, both pieces are sized to fit most standard vacuum wands, so you could use these products with your canister or upright vacuums as well.

At the auto showWhat’s The Best Method To Clean Your Car?

The Imperium Deluxe Car Care Kit includes everything you need to clean your entire car, both inside and out.

Start first with your car’s interior. By beginning on the inside, you don’t run the risk of tracking water or soap into your car after washing the exterior. Working on a dry surface is key! As with house cleaning, start with higher surfaces and work down.

Using the Microfiber Glass Towel, clean the inside of the windows. This specially designed microfiber towel can be used on glass without cleaner, though clean water can be used for tough spots.

centec_8521_3From there, use the Super Microfiber Cloths to clean and shine the dashboard, control panel, door frames, and any other hard surfaces. Make sure you don’t forget handles and the steering wheel! Follow with the Microfiber Polishing Mitt to get a flawless finish.

Finally, use the Flexible Crevice Tool and Dust Care Hand Held Turbo to vacuum the upholstery and carpeting. The crevice tool is great to reach between car seats and inside narrow crannies. The Hand Held Turbo even features a rotating beater bar allowing the head to lift dirt and debris from your floor mats.

Now that the interior is clean, move to the outside. The FW1 Waterless Car Wash and Polish with Carnauba is easier than you could ever imagine! Using the Microfiber Towel, spray the aerosol cleaner on the car without water. The FW1 Waterless Car Wash lifts dirt and grime while leaving a clean polish in its place. It’s one cleaner to tackle two tasks! You’ll save so much time! Follow with the Microfiber Polishing Mitt for a real shine.

Get out the Microfiber Glass Towel again to clean the exterior glass surfaces. For tough spots like bug residue or grease, try a gentle circular motion using the Super Microfiber Cloth.

centec_8521_1Finally, finish by cleaning your wheel rims and chrome. Start with the Microfiber Gripper Cloth on the tire rims to remove tough dirt and grime. Then, switch to the Microfiber Polishing Mitt to buff and shine the rims, accents, and chrome around the automobile.

Just like that, everything you need to keep your car looking like new is in this one, handy kit. Dad will be so grateful…he just may wash your car too!

Any thoughts?

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