InterVac GF120E GarageVac Flush Mounted Sleek Black

There are good ideas and there are great ideas and then, there is brilliance. This product is the latter. The GarageVac by InterVac is an ultra thin, wall mounted vacuum unit perfectly suited for your garage or workshop. But the real genius is in the installation. While it can be easily surface mounted on any wall, the GarageVac by InterVac is the only vacuum unit that can be flush mounted between standard wall studs.

Fits within your walls and between studs for easy installation!
Fits within your walls and between studs for easy installation!

The sleek and slender design of the GarageVac allows it to be flush mounted within walls. The width is perfectly measured to fit between standard 2×4 wall studs and includes the hardware required. The Flush Mount GarageVac is hard wired to your electrical system while the Surface Mount GarageVac includes a five foot electrical cord.

InterVac GarageVac models come in Modern White, Sleek Black, Racing Red, and Dove Grey to match any decor or maybe even your ’66 Corvette!

The InterVac GarageVacs are shockingly affordable and make a great gift for the guy in your life. Not only perfect for garages, the small size makes the GarageVac a great choice for RV’s, rec-rooms, or workbenches.

Tgaragevac_1he GarageVac by InterVac features:

  • Five foot electrical cord on the surface mount model / Hard wiring components on the flush mount model
  • Can be installed flush in a 2 x 4 stud wall
  • Can be installed by mounting on wall
  • 40ft stretch hose that shrinks to 8ft
  • Non-Corrosive Telescopic Wand
  • 2-part Upholstery Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Bare Floor Tool with Rollers and Horsehair
  • Elongated Dusting Dashboard Brush
  • Wand Holder Clip
  • 1 Gallon capacity dust bag
  • HEPA filtration

Any thoughts?

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