T1 Steamboy Steam Floor Mop From Reliable

I’m in that phase of life where weddings are happening less and less and babies are happening more and more. There was a time when my weekends were booked with girl’s night outs and bachelorette weekends. But lately, Saturdays are filled with baby showers and superhero themed birthday parties. It’s the season of children and it’s not as bad as you might think.

As a first time parent myself, I’ve learned a lot during these past few years. My once pristine home hasn’t been dusted in weeks. I’m doing the best I can, but the priority has shifted to disinfecting and caring for the surfaces most touched by precious hands, feet, and…yes…mouths. And anyone with a scooter or crawler knows that the number one surface needing attention is the floors.

Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Floor Mop
The Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Floor Mop

So how do I quickly clean and sanitize my hard surface floors and carpeting?

What’s the best way to treat the surfaces that withstand high traffic and drooling mouths?

How can I clean without using chemicals that could be dangerous for my family?

There’s only one answer. Steam.

The Reliable T1 Steamboy is an incredibly affordable floor cleaner featuring extra hot steam to sanitize and disinfect your home’s flooring. The simplistic design and thin, lightweight body make it perfect for any home! No matter your flooring…

Cleans Carpeting Too!

Attach the Smooth Carpet Glide Tool to clean carpeting!
Attach the Smooth Carpet Glide Tool to clean carpeting!

This ultra-sleek steam floor mop juggles double duty. While a standard floor mop is only useful on hard surface flooring like tile or laminate, the Reliable T1 Steamboy includes a glide attachment to deodorize, sanitize, and refresh carpeting! Customers love the ability to clean their whole home using one tool and it truly makes the T1 a practical and economical purchase.

In addition to the carpet guide, the T1 includes two machine washable and reusable cloth cleaning pads to steam and disinfect hard floors. Tile, wood, laminate, or concrete can be cleaned quickly and properly with just one tool!

Glorious Steam In Just Seconds!

Changeable water filtration system.
Changeable water filtration system.

Reliable’s T1 Steamboy Steam Mop gets to work immediately with a heat-up time of just seconds. The removable water tank holds over 3 cups of water for 30 minutes of continual steam. And that extra hot steam output reaches a temperature of 248º F, killing dangerous germs and eliminating harmful allergens. The granule water filter can be changed to provide your T1 with a long life of quality.

Full Maneuverability!

Helping you maneuver around furniture legs, under beds, and in tight corners, the head of the T1 features a 180º swivel. The innovative, lightweight design makes it great for traveling upstairs and around your whole home.

Bye, Bye Dangerous Chemicals!

No chemicalsIt’s a real gift when you get to choose a product that’s great for your home AND great for the environment! Switching to the Steamboy to clean and disinfect your home’s floors means you’re eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. Those products you once used to clean get replaced with water. It’s simply a win-win!

Peace Of Mind!

No more harsh chemicals and leaving a wake of sanitized, disinfected flooring in your path. That’s something any homeowner can appreciate, but it’s especially important to moms of little ones!

I Want One!

To learn more or purchase your Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Mop, call the team at Central Vacuum Stores at 1-800-221-8227 or visit HERE! Check out Reliable’s full line of steam products and start cleaning your home with powerful, safe, steam today!



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