Pet Lovers Vacuum & Cleaning Accessory Kit

A hot debate circulated around the office this morning. It all started when our management team announced they had made our Imperium Pet Lovers Attachment Accessory Kit even better by adding Unbelievable Stain Remover Solvent. The news was well received as the whole office has experienced how effective Unbelievable is. But what was so divisive was the ensuing argument regarding which pets were better.

Lining up on the offense were the diehard, unwavering dog owners. These folks can be fierce and somewhat cruel when attacking their competition: the cat. And the biased and snippety cat owners weren’t exactly forgiving in their criticisms, either. The emails continued to fly and the claws came out. Cats bring more shedding and less personality; dogs are stupider and smellier; each side attacking the other in angry, 12 point, Times New Roman font. They were going at it like cats and…well, you get it.

Imperium-pet-loversNo matter where you stand on the cat/dog debate, you have to concede that any pet comes with specific cleaning needs. With those needs in mind, the team at Central Vacuum Stores put together our top four favorite pet cleaning tools in one ultimate package!

Whether it’s furniture, carpeting, bedding, upholstery, window treatments, car interiors, or even clothing, this kit is ready to help you clean!

Imperium Pet Lovers Accessory Kit:

  • The Sofa Tool has two soft pads on the base, when attached to your central vacuum system they will work like a lint brush with suction power.
  • The Pin Comb has plastic fingers or pins on the comb that provide the pet with a massage as any loose hair is removed.
  • The Turbo Hand Held Tool is a terrific tool which has a spinning brush activated by the suction of your unit. This tool is great for cleaning your furniture, drapes, bed linens and small area rugs.
  • The CV Stores 32 Ounce Unbelievable Stain Remover not only removes stains but also acts as a deodorizer. Gentle enough for most materials, Unbelievable doesn’t contain solvents, acids or other known hazardous materials.
As a neutral bystander, I refuse to give my opinion. What I can tell you is any pet parent can benefit from using the best cleaning tools to care for their home and Fido (or Garfield.) Call 1-800-221-8227 to order your Imperium Pet Lovers Accessory Kit or visit our website.
It’s affordable, it’s practical, it’s something we can all agree on.



2 thoughts on “Pet Lovers Vacuum & Cleaning Accessory Kit

    1. This attachment kit can be used with most central vacuum units and many canister or upright vacuums. It’s often the right tools that make all the difference! Each attachment is designed to serve a pet owner’s specific needs. Hope you check it out!

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