Hide-A-Hose: Retractable Central Vacuum Hose

A lot of people are familiar with a central vacuum system, whether or not they have one in their home. They go by different names (in-wall vacuum, inlet vacuum, basement vacuum) but overall they’re pretty well known. So, although central vacuum systems are truly a custom feature, they don’t really illicit that wow factor.

Enter: The Hide-A-Hose Retractable Central Vacuum Hose

The ultra-cool gadget that will have family and friends saying, “Can we see your vacuum do that thing again?” Check out the video to see just how the Hide-A-Hose earns you cool points and, more importantly, makes your life easier!

The Hide-A-Hose Retractable Central Vacuum Hose hides a specialized hose installed within the walls of your home. Each inlet has its own hose and as you clean you simply carry your wand and powerhead with you from inlet to inlet. When you’re done, you let the hose retract back into the wall! No fuss, no muss!

A Hide-A-Hose can be installed into an existing central vacuum system, though we recommend it be used in conjunction with a True-Cyclonic power unit. If you need help choosing a unit or working through the installation process, call our technicians at 1-800-221-8227. Hide-A-Hose systems require special fittings and inlets, to learn more about the components you’ll need for your installation, VISIT HERE.

Any thoughts?

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