NuTone Central Vacuum System: Bagged Power Unit

Perhaps the most common, household name in central vacuum systems is NuTone. Well known for their line of custom, built-in home products such as intercoms and ventilation fans, NuTone has an established reputation and a long history. Because they’re found in so many homes already, it’s no surprise customers are often looking to upgrade or replace their current system with one of NuTone’s newer units. When a customer is willing to buy within the same brand for a second or third time, you know the product is good.

NuTone’s VX line of bagged power units are available in three power ranges to service homes or businesses up to 12,000 square feet. Each VX model features internal sound suppression, six foot long power cord, and easy access for quick bag changes.

VX475 Power Unit

  • Square Footage – 4000
  • Water Lift – 90″
  • CFM – 114
  • Air Watts – 475
VX550 Power Unit

  • Square Footage – 8000
  • Water Lift – 130″
  • CFM – 135
  • Air Watts – 550
VX1000 Power Unit

  • Square Footage – 12000
  • Water Lift – 130″
  • CFM – 230
  • Air Watts – 1040

Additionally, the NuTone VX models are known for their high-capacity dirt bags. The VX475 uses a six gallon disposable bag system while the VX550 and VX1000 use an eight gallon bag.

If you have questions about choosing the right unit for your home or business, we’ve got all the answers. Our team has installed, sold, and maintained central vacuums in our local area for over fifty years. We can easily guide you to the perfect system and make sure you have everything you need. We even specialize in DIY installation! Call 1-800-221-8227 to learn more about NuTone Central Vacuums and more.

Any thoughts?

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