Ten Ways To Use Your Crevice Tool

So you’ve purchased a vacuum. Congratulations!

You tear open the box, frantically remove all the packaging and cardboard, and unveil your new cleaner. As the light gleams off the scuff-free paint and pristine chrome accents, familiar plastic pieces come tumbling out around it. Those dreaded included attachments.

94677-accessory-set-grayFor many owners, vacuum attachments are more trouble than they’re worth. As year after year passes without ever using these tools, you begin to question if there isn’t some mysterious surface piling up with dust, forever burdened with the constant fear you’re lacking some key element in your cleaning routine. Fear no longer! Central Vacuum Stores is here to break down each common attachment and coach you with ten, easy uses for each. From the obvious to the, “Well I never thought of that!”

Vacuflo-8615-B-PremCrevToolCrevice Tool

1) Seat Cushions

Whether it’s the sofa, rocking chair, or backseat, cushions seem to attract a wide variety of goodies. Crumbs and coins are the most common, but we’ve heard of all kinds of crazy finds. The crevice tool allows you to easily vacuum between the sides and backs of cushions without needing to lift the seat.

2) Under & Behind Furniture

Large furniture pieces like buffets, entertainment centers, and dressers famously collect dust and dirt underneath and behind them. Even worse…they’re also the perfect spots for spiders to build webs! Keep the bugs at bay by maneuvering your crevice tool around your furniture for a quick clean.

3) Car Care

We all have that “black hole” niche in our cars between the seat and the center console. And forget about getting your hands in the metal workings underneath the seats. And don’t even get me started on the kid’s carseat. The crevice tool is the perfect attachment to detail your car.

4) Light Fixtures

The crevice tool is a great tool to give you some added height, making it perfect for cleaning light fixtures. Ceiling fans, bathroom vanity sconces, and dining room chandeliers are all dust collectors. Crevice tools are especially handy for glass bowls found on many fixtures which always seem to attract bugs!

5) Picking Up Stuck Items

Drop a sock behind the washing machine? Favorite bedtime blanket somehow end up behind the wardrobe? The crevice tool gives you that extra length and suction power to pick up lodged, jammed, and stuck items.

  • BONUS: Cover the crevice tool with hosiery to pick up small items without sucking them up. A great solution for dropped earrings!

6) Baseboards & Moldings

Scooting along the floor on your hands and knees to dust the baseboards is truly miserable. And even the cleanest homes can collect cobwebs and dust in the corners of crown molding and decorative wainscoting. No more! Attach your crevice tool to the extension wand and you can clean your baseboards and moldings without bending or stretching.

7) Properly Cleaning The Lint Filter

Clothing dryers cause an average of over 16,000 home fires every year! The leading cause for this is a full lint trap. Cleaning your filter and its housing is simple with a crevice tool. After removing the bulk of the lint from the filter, vacuum to remove any stuck pieces. Next, maneuver the crevice tool deep into the housing to remove any additional trapped lint.

8) Electronics

Today’s electronics often have fans and intakes to keep the items running cool. As a result, dust can collect and even interfere with the workings. Computer towers are particularly prone to becoming clogged with dust and, eventually, overheating. A crevice tool is the best way to vacuum in and around electronics.

  • BONUS: Vacuuming between keyboard keys, behind the television, and around the cable box will help to keep your electronics working properly.

9) Icky Bug Removal

There is nothing, NOTHING worse than finding a bug crawling around your home. Except, maybe, having to kill it. These creepy monsters tend to run and hide, searching out any nook or cranny to avoid being squashed. Don’t worry about it. Just attach the crevice tool and suck the little creeper up. The best part is, you don’t even have to get close to it!

10) Odds & Ends

  • Along your counter top and backsplash for crumbs
  • Underneath the refrigerator (we’ve got a tool just for that!)
  • Inside decorative vases and pillars
  • Children’s seats, bouncers, swings, and highchairs
  • In refrigerator drawers and kitchen cupboards
  • Between mini-blind rows
  • Pet kennels & beds
  • Inside work boots & shoes

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