Ten Ways To Use Your Dusting Brush

So you’ve purchased a vacuum. Congratulations!

You tear open the box, frantically remove all the packaging and cardboard, and unveil your new cleaner. As the light gleams off the scuff-free paint and pristine chrome accents, familiar plastic pieces come tumbling out around it. Those dreaded included attachments.

94677-accessory-set-grayFor many owners, vacuum attachments are more trouble than they’re worth. As year after year passes without ever using these tools, you begin to question if there isn’t some mysterious surface piling up with dust, forever burdened with the constant fear you’re lacking some key element in your cleaning routine. Fear no longer! Central Vacuum Stores is here to break down each common attachment and coach you with ten, easy uses for each. From the obvious to the, “Well I never thought of that!”

Hoover-dustbrush-3xDusting Brush

1) Surfaces

Before you say, “Um…duh,” give thought to all the areas in your home that can benefit from a good dusting. Baseboards, ledges and shelves, coffee tables, and dresser tops. Feather dusters simply wisp dirt and dust around the room. But dusting surfaces with your vacuum is the fastest and most efficient way to truly eliminate dust. If you or a family member battles allergies, vacuum-dusting is an absolute MUST!

2) Wooden Items

Spindled dining room chairs, antique buffets, decorative moldings and more! Wooden surfaces can’t be treated with cleaners and absolutely shouldn’t get wet. Plus, wood is often decorated making it really difficult to clean every nook and cranny (like four poster beds or formal fireplace mantles.) A dusting brush features soft bristles, safe for wood surfaces flexible enough to kick-up dust even from intricate woodworking.

3) Ventilation Covers

Ventilation covers are all around your home. Central heat & air vents can be found in the ceiling or on the floor and units often have one or more air intakes. Your bathrooms may also have vent fans to help with moisture and odor control. Each of these feature covers or grills that are magnets for dust. A dusting brush will offer the perfect solution for cleaning.

4) Filters

In line with number 3, air conditioning units feature filters that clean and remove allergens as they feed air through the cooling and heating agents. These need to be changed as frequently as each month, however, using your dusting brush to vacuum over the surface of the filter will help to keep your home cleaner between changes.

  • Also keep in mind other items with filters such as electronics, refrigerators, or dryers.

5) Windows, Mirrors, & Picture Frames

Smudges and water stains require a solvent and towel, but if it’s just a little dust collecting on the surface, why use chemicals? Dusting brushes are a great solution for streak-free glass cleaning of lesser-used mirrors and windows.

  • BONUS! You can also vacuum-dust the frames, so it’s a two-in-one!
  • DOUBLE BONUS! While you’re at your windows you can quickly clean window treatments. Check out this ELONGATED DUST BRUSH to clean your plantation shutters or vertical blinds.

6) Around Toilets

It can be very difficult to vacuum behind and around toilets with a traditional vacuum attachment. The dusting brush proves to be the perfect tool to maneuver all around the toilet. Plus, you can also vacuum dust from the top of the tank, the molded sides, and the seat lid.

  • IDEA! Purchasing a second dusting brush specifically for bathroom dusting is a smart investment. That way, bathroom germs aren’t spread to other surfaces as you continue to clean. We suggest purchasing a different color from your standard dusting brush to differentiate between the two. Check out this gray brush or this black brush!

7) Faux Floral & Decor

Faux Floral is a real dust magnet and not easy to keep clean. Pedals and flowers are too flimsy for a traditional duster but too delicate for full vacuum suction. However, combine vacuum power with the gentle bristles and you’ve got the perfect method to remove dust from faux floral and oddly shaped decor.

8) Things That Need A Light Scrub

The sturdy yet soft bristles on a dusting brush make it a great tool for cleaning and vacuuming stuck-on messes. Dried food or set-in dirt are no match for a dusting brush!

9) Bookshelves & Books

Stored books can rarely see use, and thus, are famous for amassing dust; and jackets and pages are difficult to clean with a feather duster. Simply attach your vacuum brush and give a once-over to the tops of all your favorite novels. The bristles help to lightly separate pages and release dust.

10) Odds & Ends

  • Coffee tables
  • Automobile floor mats
  • Pet beds
  • To clean pet grooming brushes and combs (or even to remove loose hair from your pet if he’ll stay still!)
  • Leather furniture
  • Small rugs or play mats

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Any thoughts?

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